Bluebird of Happiness

Today is overcast with a high in the mid-40s (with expected overnight low only 22! Yikes).

Still some snow today!

However, beginning last week the temperatures have gradually risen into the 40s, 50s, 60s, and it even reach 70 yesterday! It was so warm that I didn’t wear a jacket. With the days of warm temperatures, I think it’s funny that we still have areas of snow. Even the warm days couldn’t completely melt all the snow we had! Most of the snow is on the north sides of hills or in low lying areas.

I’ve been continuing to do the hand exercises that my occupational therapists gave me. Although my hand is still quite swollen, stiff, and sore and some movements are awkward, it is getting stronger and I am able to do more tasks. I am now able to care for the poultry without EJ’s help. Having a garden hose to fill water buckets and the duck pool is easier than lugging buckets of water. The coop needs a good cleaning. I will probably need EJ’s help for that because raking and shoveling is still difficult.

Yesterday I put the screens back in the windows. I didn’t open the windows because I got the screens in later in the day and I knew the temps would begin cooling. But….soon!

I also set up a long tie-out so Hannah can be outside without us holding a leash. I had position it just right so she couldn’t get tangled up in anything. I’m not sure she will enjoy being tied outside because she always wants to be near us. I told EJ that I think she is part Klingon because she is so clingy.

I’ve been removing a section of the snow fence every few days and this morning I finished the last of it. I doubt we will try putting it up next winter (or any winter) because it really didn’t work. Oh, well.  It was worth a try.

I removed the bird feeders yesterday. We can’t keep them up when the bears are active because it attracts them. The last thing I want is bears near the house! This morning I moved the feeder post closer to the corner of the deck so it doesn’t block my view so much. We will probably hang potted flowers on the hooks.

Bluebird of Happiness!

Late yesterday afternoon I was looking out the window and saw a blue and red bird at the birdhouse near the big rocks. I gasped, grabbed my camera, and zoomed waaaay in. Just as I suspected, it was a BLUE BIRD! And not just one, but TWO! I haven’t seen a blue bird for years and years. I was so thrilled! The birds checked out all the birdhouses. I was hoping they’d move in, but I haven’t seen them today. Oh, well. I feel fortunate just to have seen them. With Madeline around, they might not have been safe.

Miss Madeline and a turkey hen.

I’ve been seeing lone turkey hens wandering about our property. I’ve been wondering if they are looking for places to lay their eggs. Yesterday I saw Miss Madeline Meadows, our sweet serial killer cat, walking toward a turkey. I watched and whispered, “Please don’t attack the turkey! Please don’t attack the turkey!” Madeline has never bothered the turkeys before, but usually there are several–and she is such a blood-thirsty killer that it wouldn’t surprise me if she went after one. However, the turkey escaped unharmed yesterday.


I ordered a narrow wire bookcase from Amazon. I had ordered one a couple of years ago to put in my craft closet to hold my yarn. It fit perfectly so I ordered another one to put on the other side of the same closet. Is will arrive tomorrow, so I cleaned out that side of the closet this morning in preparation. I can’t wait to get better organized! I’m going to put my crochet cotton on it, a well as my shipping supplies.

In spite of the delight of the last few days, and seeing the bluebird of happiness, I have felt very sad. We have had to set strict boundaries with someone we love very deeply. However, we have asked, we have confronted, we have been patient and we finally gave the person a choice: Stop insulting, etc.,  or stop contact. I think the person is/will choose to stop contact. Even though I realize that we can’t tolerate the person’s behavior, I feel very, very heartbroken. We would prefer to keep the relationship. Loss of relationship always feels like agonizing death to me. I think that sometimes there is no good option, there is no winning, there is only losing.

2 Comments on “Bluebird of Happiness

  1. Oh TJ how I wish for you to have peace, I feel your sorrow and it should not be this way for any of us. I love your birds and we too have so many that have returned, must get my oranges out for the Oriel’s and friends. Blessings.


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