Open Windows

Weather in Michigan is a big thing. Maybe because it changes so much. I heard that the week of the last snowstorm we got, we had every possible type of weather except hurricanes–sun/warmth, cold, snow, sleet, rain, wind….This last weekend, the overnight lows dipped down into the low 20s. The water froze in my garden hose and when I turned on the faucet to fill the duck pool, it pushed out ice cubes. But today it is 72 degrees. Whoo hoo! As soon the temperature rose to the high 60s, I opened the windows. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be near 80! EJ said that will be too hot. LOL.

Still small piles of snow.

Our local National Weather Service posted a high fire danger warning for our area. That makes no sense to me. How can we go from 40 inches of snow this month to “it’s so dry there is fire danger”?

With the snow mostly gone–although, amazingly, I still see a few small piles of snow–I’ve been walking Hannah down to the mailbox, which I haven’t done much since I broke my arm. I’m teaching Hannah the Hebrew word for “with me” to teach her to walk with me. It makes me laugh when she walks with me before I command her to. I know she’s doing it because she walks right next to me with her eyes on my face, hoping for her treat. She’s very food motivated.

Hannah, Josette, and Me.

Last Thursday I walked Hannah down to get the mail. Our cat Josette walked down with us. She’s such a sweetheart–very friendly. She loves to accompany us when we take care of the ducks and chickens.

I was dismayed to find a jury summons in the mailbox–my second in the three years we’ve lived here. I am not surprised to get frequent jury summons because there are less than 20,000 people living in our whole county. That’s not a large pool to draw from. However,  I think it’s terribly unfair that EJ has not yet received any summons. In fact, in his whole life, he has only gotten a summons ONE TIME–and he was excused because he had already moved north. Me? I have probably received close to a dozen summons in my life. I haven’t yet had to serve as juror, but I’m sure sooner or later I will. At least I know have my own vehicle so I don’t have to worry about transportation.

Hannah “helping”

Thursday afternoon my shelves were delivered. I put them together with Hannah’s help. She sat next to me…and ate plastic pieces from the box. The first time I saw her eating something…I gasped in dismay. The second time, I pried open her jaws…which wasn’t easy. Then I realized she was only eating the spacers used to separate and protect the shelves during shipping. I tried to keep the pieces safe from her but she almost got a fastener I needed. At last, however, even with Hannah’s distraction, I got the shelves together and in the closet in our library.

The shelving units in my craft closet.

The next day I happily organized my craft closet. It looks really nice with the two shelving units in it.

My broken wrist is feeling better so I am going to begin trying to crochet again. I’m not sure I can crochet for long periods of time, but I’ll at least give it a try–and I’m quite sure the crocheting movements will help exercise my wrist and strengthen it.

Saturday EJ and I had an enjoyably quiet, peaceful day. Sunday I cleaned the house while he did a bit of maintenance on the vehicles.

I’ve seen the bluebirds back at the birdhouses a few times. I was hoping that they had decided to move in but in this video it looks as if they are taking nest material out of the birdhouse to use elsewhere. Oh, well, just knowing that there are bluebirds in our forest fills me with happiness.



5 Comments on “Open Windows

  1. It got to 72 here today too TJ … and I agree with EJ, much as I thought the Winter was cold, overlong and Spring was not so hot, 80 degrees it too hot. We have that fire warning tomorrow too and I wondered after all the snow and we’ve had lots of rain, how that could be, but I guess the gusty winds will have something to do with it. Speaking of gusty winds, we may have severe weather on Thursday afternoon – fingers crossed nothing happens. Glad to see you are making progress and gaining dexterity enough to do all your chores. Bummer about the jury summons – I got one but was exempt at the time as my mom was confined to bed at that time, but she has since passed away. It used to be lawyers and legal secretaries were exempt from being called for jury duty, but no longer.


    • I also agree that 80 is too hot. I like it a little on the cool side.

      We are supposed to get rain beginning tomorrow night and lasting for several days. EJ said he heard we could get severe weather. Stay safe, Linda!

      I had to go to jury selection during some unfortunate times–such as during final exams at college, just before my wedding, when JJ was very young and I didn’t have a babysitter, during some difficult chronic health problems. At least now I have none of those difficulties anymore….! But I do tend to faint at medical stuff so hopefully I won’t get chosen for a gory case. Yuck.

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      • You stay safe too TJ. I am already worried about the severe weather and will keep my fingers crossed for both of us.

        I may have told you this before when you mentioned the fainting, but the first law firm where I worked, there was an attorney who wanted to be a doctor and he went through part of medical school and the first time he had to assist during a procedure, he fainted dead away and landed on the floor, so he knew that was not the line of work for him, so he went to law school and became a medical malpractice attorney so he could use his medical knowledge. Well, I guess you could tell them during jury selection that you have an aversion to blood, guts and gore – maybe they will be considerate and not pick you. 🙂


      • I’m sure they hear so many excuses that they probably wouldn’t believe me. Sigh.


  2. You’re probably right, but if you have time before you have to go to court for potential jury duty, get a letter from the doctor’s office where you fainted earlier this year. That would probably only exempt you from a medical malpractice trial though or a bloody murder trial, but that would be a different court. You likely have different courts … like we have Recorders Court for criminal matters, then the state court for civil matters?


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