Autumn Rains & The North Post

It’s been a bit rainy this week. Most of the rain has occurred at night, but the days have been cloudy and damp. It stormed quite a bit this morning with some thunder and lightning. At the moment it’s quite pleasant outside–warm, humid, breezy, patches of blue among the clouds, not raining–but we have an “Enhanced” chance of storms later with a possibility of heavy rain, damaging wind, large hail, and an isolated tornado.

With the days so rainy-ish, I haven’t quite known what to do with myself. I have tasks that I want to get done, but not many that I can get done now. For example, I want to wash the windows, but first I want to take the screens out for the winter, and I don’t want to take the screens out until we don’t have any more warm days in which I want to open the windows to let in fresh air. And I need to fence in the apple trees, but first we have to buy more fencing. I want to cover the raised garden beds with straw, but I want to harvest as many herbs as I can. Plus, I need more straw. Plus, if I do it too early, the chickens will get into it and scratch it away. They are still getting into the strawberries and the beets so I have to fence them in better. So, you see, everything that I want to do needs to wait.

I did do a few tasks over the last couple of days. In addition to my regular chores–cleaning the house, laundry, cooking–I finished up the herbs I’ve been drying. Yesterday I straightened up the pantry, just a little bit. Today I carried the park benches up to the porch for the winter.

When I took Hannah Joy out at around noon, I noticed that the storm had knocked a small tree down onto my clothesline. Actually, it was a very large branch that had split off from a larger tree. The branch was too large and heavy to heave out of the way, so I got out a saw and pruning loppers and cut it into smaller sections that I threw into the woods. I was thankful the branch fell on the ropes, not the posts, so it didn’t do any damage. And I’m very thankful that it didn’t fall on the house or anything. Falling trees are always a concern when living in a forest full of woodpeckers.

We can see the North Post through our window.

Oh, and I hung up the North Post sign. The post marks the place where the septic tank lid is located so we don’t have to dig a bunch of holes trying to find it the next time we have the tank pumped out. We thought we’d have some fun with it, so I painted a “North” sign and we call it our “North Post”–because it’s on the north side of the house in Northern Michigan. We can’t call it the “North Pole” because it’s a post, not a pole.

I also painted a long stick with numbers to measure the amount of snow (up to 7 feet) that we get and EJ attached it to the post. All we need to do now is order a thermometer and rain gauge which I will attach to the post as soon as I buy them and we will have a weather station. I’d like to get a wind speed/direction gauge, but they all seem to be digital and I just want a simple inexpensive one. I do not think our North Post is in an optimal place for a weather station, but its primary function is to mark our septic tank lid.  I might make another snow “ruler” for the front yard, but first I have to get more brushes.

I think the North Post looks pretty good.

7 Comments on “Autumn Rains & The North Post

  1. Your idea’s just blow me away, so cute and functional !! We are ending up our day with 83 degrees and again like you we want to clean the screens and windows but it will be next week as our weather is just too beautiful. Keep enjoying and love ya!!


    • Thank you, Linda! 🙂

      Your weather was much warmer than ours. Our temperature was only supposed to reach 74 degrees today. I’m not sure what the actual temperature was because I forgot to check, but it felt like the mid-70s. We do have to savor every bit of warm weather that we can before the windows have to be closed until Spring, don’t we? 🙂

      EJ said he read that the storms are supposed to return about 8 p.m. That will give me a chance to get the chickens shut safely in their coop before it arrives!


  2. Is that that cheery red paint you showed us a couple of posts ago? That is a cute sign. I hope you don’t get 7 feet of snow – OMG. Supposed to be an El Nino Winter – hopefully for you too!


    • Yes, I used the cheery red paint for these.

      I’m not share whether to wish for a warm winter or a cold winter. A warm winter might mean that Lake Michigan doesn’t freeze over, which means more lake effect snow could bury us. Also, a warm winter might mean more slippery ice if snow melts and refreezes.

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      • You have a valid point TJ … I’d wish for no Winter if I could have that … right now we have a storm tonight, not too bad, although marginally severe … right on the cusp of light green and dark green. I think some of the northern and western burbs will get it – hopefully no issues with this storm and another one in the early morning. Amazing all this rain … a week of rain, but at least this morning was nice.


      • We are in the enhanced storm area. It’s very windy, but so far the rain has missed us. There are bad storms in the UP.

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