Yesterday (Wednesday) the temperature was in the mid-70s. It was so warm that I opened the windows when it stopped raining. More rain moved in towards evening, but we didn’t get the severe storms that were predicted. I think they were all north of us. Today the high temperature is back down to about 50 degrees. I’m wearing a jacket whenever I go outside although I took it off when I raked the gravel in the driveway because I got too warm. We really need to have a grader of some sort to smooth out the driveway, but since we don’t, I got out with a shovel to level out the bumps that form.

Thor’s Hammer

After I found Thor’s hammer when I was out mowing the lawn last week, EJ called the gravel company to let them know that we had found it. They had said that someone would be out to pick it up last Saturday, but no one came. The guy who had delivered the gravel had told me that he was starting his own company, so this morning I went to his website, found his email, and let him know that we had found his hammer. He dropped by this afternoon to pick it up. He seemed touched that we were returning it. He told me that he had said to his nephew, “See? There ARE a few honest people in the world.” 🙂 It’s a good feeling to help others and make their lives easier.

Today was payday so this morning I paid our bills. I was also able to order a few things from Amazon. We are trying to place our Amazon orders before the snow falls because the trucks won’t drive up our steep driveway in the winter, and it’s always doubtful whether they will leave items safely in the “magic box” which we have at the bottom of the driveway for package deliveries.

Our local grocery store has a canned goods sale every year. I placed an order for several cases of tomatoes, chili beans, kidney beans, and mushrooms last weekend. The store called me this morning to tell me the order was in, so I drove there to picked it up. When I got home, I arranged the cases on our pantry shelves. Someday I hope to learn to can so I don’t have to buy canned goods from the store, but until then it feels good to have a winter’s supply on our shelves.

I read that the temperature is supposed to dip down to the low 30s tonight. I decided I ought to put straw on the raised beds, but I wanted to wait until it was just dark enough for the chickens to go into their coop, but still light enough to see. The chickens have been getting into some of the raised beds and I didn’t want them to scratch the straw off the plants. I didn’t remember about the straw until I went out to shut the chickens in their coop. I was later than usual going out so I barely had enough light to cover the plants. But I got it done.

When I came back into the house, I told EJ that I wanted to ask him a question. He asked, “Is it the same question I am thinking about asking you? Whether we should turn on the heat?” I said, “Yes!” because 31 degrees is a bit cold to have no heat on in the house. With EJ’s agreement, I turned the thermostat up to 65 degrees. Usually I’m the one who gives in first, but since we both were going to ask each other if we should turn on the heat this year, I said that we should consider our autumn “game” to be a draw. He disagreed, saying that we both won because our house will be warm. LOL.

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  1. Ha ha – EJ was cold too! One day it is cold, one day hot – Thursday a.m. it was 74 when I went out to walk; this morning it was 46 and I got caught in the rain. Sigh.

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