These months that EJ has been off work, he did most of the cooking so I could crochet to fulfill orders. He also took care of snowblowing the driveway. Now that he is back at work, I have lost both my cook and my snowblower!

We’ve had quite a bit of snow since yesterday. I don’t know the official totals, but I’m guessing we got about a foot of snow. It was snowing very heavily this morning–and yet another storm is supposed to hit us on Thursday.

While I waited for my hair to dry after my shower, I ate breakfast and watched Einstein and his Mama emerge out of the forest and eat the corn I left out for them. The snow covered them in a white blanket while they ate.

After Einstein and his Mama left, I got all bundle up in my winter coat, hat, mittens, warm socks, and boots, and went out to snowblow the driveway. There was a lot of snow! The tracks that the Xterra had made when EJ left for work this morning were already mostly filled in by the time I got outside.

I usually snowblow in sections, doing the flat part at the end of the driveway and the mailbox, then moving up to do the middle part of the driveway, then doing the top part of the driveway, and finally clearing in front of the garage and our turnaround place at the top of the hill. I kept telling myself that I would take a break at the end of each section, but then I would do that section, and the next, and the next, until finally I had it all done. I actually like to get it all done at one time so I can go inside the house and stay inside the house.

It had stopped snowing while I was snowblowing, but the snow started up again while I was doing the last section. By the time I was done, I was tired and cold. When I got inside the house, I drank the rest of the coffee to help me warm up. The wind started blowing the snow into snow-nadoes and I thought, “Wow! I hope the driveway doesn’t drift over before EJ gets home from work!” When I took Hannah outside a couple of hours later, I saw that we had gotten another couple of inches of snow and the driveway didn’t really look as if it had been cleared. Oh, well, I refuse to snowblow twice in one day. I don’t have that kind of energy.

This is the first outfit I am working on…

I had finished all my crocheted orders and was beginning to work on replenishing my stock. I ordered some yarn to make a new yeti/bigfoot and after that I wanted to get started on making dogs. But this morning the woman who has bought several crocheted items from me, including the baby items, asked if I’d make her a few baby outfits. Usually I don’t like making clothes, but this lady has ordered so much from me that I thought I’d give it a try. I spent a couple of hours looking for patterns. She said she liked the patterns I chose and that she would like me to make six outfits with matching booties. SIX! Her granddaughter is expected to arrive in April, so I will have a lot of work to do. I’ll have to put aside my monsters and puppies and get to work!

I’ll see ya all later….

6 Comments on “Snowed

  1. I love the deer in the snow picture TJ! So peaceful, as was the video, and amazing how the snow covered the top of them as it was snowing so hard. Good for you getting an order for six dresses. They will look Springy, if Spring ever arrives.

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  2. Hi TJ – A fellow blogger passed along this blog site to me. I am going to follow her and I read the “About” page and I immediately thought of you for several reasons. You also mentioned recently that you like the sites I forward to you – I have not explored this one, but know it is something that both you and I like. Enjoy!


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