Winter Fitness Camp

I decided that it might be a good idea to open a winter fitness camp—because we sure have gotten some workouts this last week! I could charge money and everything. 🙂

Some of you might remember that I snowblowed the driveway Wednesday morning. It was the first time I did it this year because EJ had taken over that task while he was off work. Snowblowing our long steep driveway is a REAL workout, especially after a winter snowstorm. It continued to snow all that afternoon the wind blew the snow around so by the time EJ came home, it didn’t look as if I had cleared the driveway at all.

EJ was able to drive the Xterra about two-thirds the way up the driveway before it slid off into deep snow and got stuck. No problem. He merely backed the Suburban down to the Xterra and fastened the yank-strap to it to yank it out of the snow. But the Suburban couldn’t get enough traction to pull the Xterra out of the snow or itself up the driveway. So then we had TWO vehicles stuck. The problem is not the snow. The problem is the ice under the snow. When the snow melts during a thaw and then refreezes, it makes our driveway treacherous.

The Suburban stuck near the top of the driveway

EJ tried our various measures to get the vehicles unstuck, including spreading sand under the tires, or putting boards or carpet under them–anything to provide traction. Nothing worked this time. So he took a break and  came in to eat supper. Afterwards, he took the snowblower down to clear the snow around the Xterra while I shoveled. He was finally able to get the Xterra pointed in the right direction so he could drive it down the driveway. He parked it there overnight and then walked down to it in the morning so he could get to work. When he arrived home yesterday, he parked it down there and walked up to the house.  We left the Suburban where it was stuck at the top of the driveway. It’s been snowing so EJ was able to get enough traction to drive it up this morning and park it in its place in front of the garage.

Blowing snow on the frozen bay.

EJ works four 10-hour shifts at work so he gets Friday, Saturday, and Sundays off. We had errands to run in Traverse City today, so we walked down the driveway to the Xterra and drove off. The wind blowing the snow across the frozen bay was beautiful.

We stopped first at the post office to pick up a package that didn’t fit in our mailbox. Then we drove to TSC for some dog food–mostly because EJ wanted more weight in the back of the Xterra to help it maneuver in the snow. We also stopped at Joann’s Fabric for some yarn, ribbon, and snaps for the baby outfits I am making for a customer, Goodwill so EJ could get some more inexpensive shirts and pants for work, and Meijers for a few groceries. By the time we got home, the snow and wind had filled in some of our driveway. EJ parked the Xterra at the bottom of the driveway again. We each carried a few bags up the driveway and then we took a sled down to put the rest of the bags on and pull up.

I had a Etsy order for a bookmark. I had one already made so I put it in an envelope and after lunch EJ drove us to the post office to mail it. We wanted to get all our errands done today so we can rest all day tomorrow. Plus, EJ said the weather is supposed to be worse tomorrow. While EJ was backing the Xterra into the driveway, it slid into the snow and got stuck again. That dratted ice!

We walked up the driveway so EJ could change into warmer clothes. The he trekked back down the driveway with a shovel. He urged me to stay in the house, but I waited a few minutes and then joined him with another shovel. We are partners, and the work is easier with two than with just one. EJ had most of the snow shoveled away from the Xterra, but I helped get the rest. We cleared just enough that he was able to drive it back and then forward and free it from the snow. He parked it there at the bottom of the driveway again and we trekked back up to the house.

As soon as we reached the house, I went out back and took care of the chickens. I didn’t want to have to go out again tonight, except to take Hannah Joy out. I had to shovel the snow away so I could open the gates.

I was totally exhausted by the time I finally sat down, and my muscles ache. I might be crippled now. We’ve had some real workouts. I think other people could benefit from these workouts too! I so totally should open a winter fitness camp!

Yesterday I saw Hannah Joy and Miss Madeline Meadows looking at each other through the window. Madeline prefers being an outside cat. but don’t worry, she has a nice warm house in the garage. She is such a good huntress that I call her our serial killer cat. I wondered if she was plotting against Hannah.


10 Comments on “Winter Fitness Camp

  1. That snow is incredible – I kept hearing about it and thought of you. Our weather has relaxed a little, for a couple of days, the sun came out yesterday, got to 41 or 43 degrees and melted the ice (thank goodness for that) and we had 20-30 mph winds and dried everything up – too bad we’ll have some snow on Sunday, but minor accumulation only. No redeeming factors for this Winter except the big spiders are in bed.


      • I hear you – It’s the ONLY good thing about Winter, no bugs, and did you hear that the Polar Vortex killed off 95% of the invasive bugs, namely the stinkbugs? Yay for that – too bad it was not the centipedes and spiders!


      • I really do love the beauty of winter. I like the cold more heat and humidity. And it’s a magical time when the wildlife come up to the bird feeders. It’s just that our driveway becomes difficult to deal with when there is ice.

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      • It is pretty, I’ll grant you that – I’m no fan of driving in it though. How about putting down a cheap carpet – like a carpet runner.
        You’d keep it rolled up just for big snows? After you use the snow blower, roll it out – is that doable or the driveway is much too long for that?


      • EJ says that our driveway is about 600 feet long. He does have old carpet to put under the tires when he gets stuck to provide traction. Also a bucket of gravel to sprinkle, and so on. These measures usually work, but not when it’s really icy.

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      • Wow – I know I’ve seen the rug or blanket used for icy sidewalks – 600 feet … that is one long driveway. Good luck on getting through this Winter. Hope you don’t have to go through these measures too much longer TJ.


      • Most of the time I love our driveway. It winds around and up and hides us from passersby on the road. EJ calls our property “our delicious secret” because it is hidden from the road. In the winter it is fun to sled down. But when it gets icy, our driveway becomes a bit treacherous and exhausting..

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  2. You two are amazing, looking back I would say that was a good week and you stayed safe thru it all, too bad they don’t have heat tape for driveways. Have a relaxing weekend and just enjoy.


    • I agree. It was a good week. EJ is back at work, I am busy crocheting, we were able to get the vehicles unstuck without damage to them or ourselves! Today we are staying home and relaxing. 🙂

      We love you both! ❤


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