The Hospital…and Other Yarns

We’ve actually had a couple of days of almost sunny weather! I like when the sun shines on the snow and makes it glitter. This morning the snow was so glittery that it looked as if we had mounds of magic fairy dust covering the ground in our Enchanted Forest. It clouded over this afternoon; tonight we are supposed to get another two inches of snow.

I love watching the deer in the winter. They visit our feeders several times each day. Einstein and his Mama are our most frequent visitors, but we often get 4-6 other deer stopping by. Sometimes they have a bit of a scuffle, as in this video that I took yesterday:

This morning EJ and I delivered five baby outfits to the woman who ordered them. I still have one more to make for her, and I also have to make a baby dress and two sweaters that her daughter ordered. We met at the hospital where the woman works. She opened the box and held up each dress for the other people in the waiting room to see. She told everyone that I do really good work, and she described the baby blanket I made for her last month, as well as the crocheted animals and Michigan monsters. One man asked, “How much do you charge for a Big Foot?” I told him I don’t know yet because I haven’t made one yet–I’ve been busy making baby clothes. But I told him the name of my Facebook page. As we drove away from the hospital, EJ and I decided that I should make some business cards with my websites and Facebook pages listed on them to hand out to people who show an interest.

The trip to the hospital was a real spirit booster.

If anyone would like to buy dresses like these, message me. I can make them in (almost) any color you choose.

I needed yarn for the other items I’m making so after we delivered the items, we visited Meijers, Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels. We really only needed to go to Meijers and Joann Fabrics, but a Hobby Lobby store has just opened in Traverse City, and we’ve never been to a Hobby Lobbys so we decided to stop in. I think we wandered around in the store for three days and three nights looking at all the items. Ok, maybe it was only an hour, but it felt as if we were lost in there. We didn’t buy anything, we just wanted to see what they had. I think each of the craft stores offer many similar items, but each also offer things that the other stores don’t. We didn’t buy anything. Afterwards we stopped at Michaels to get some yarn.

We were exhausted by the end of our craft stores exploration. When we finally reach home, EJ carried in the items while I took Hannah Joy outside. Then EJ made us sandwiches while I put stuff away. We work well together.

I had thought that I was quite clever and “with it” to think of bringing along a piece of yarn to match for one of the baby dresses I’m in the process of making. I need just enough more yarn to make the sleeves. We perfectly matched the yarn strand, but when we got home I discovered that I had taken along the wrong piece of yarn. So we will have to go back out on Sunday to try to find the yarn. I can’t remember which store I bought it at. The only thing I’m sure of is that I didn’t find the yarn at Hobby Lobby. I’m hoping we don’t have to stop at all of the other stores before I find what I need. It would be easier if I still had the label, but I can’t find it. Some of the labels easily fall off, even in the stores. Sigh. Well, I can work on the other outfits this weekend. And EJ and I did have fun hanging out together.

This evening I made popcorn and EJ and I watched Amazon Prime videos while Hannah Joy slept on my lap.


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