Dale, Hannah, Michael, and Joann

The house has icy fangs

We’ve been having days of snow alternating with days of sunshine. Sometimes the temperatures warm up and cause the snow on the roof to melt and drip. Then the temps get low and re-freezes everything. I took this photo of icicles hanging from the roof like sharp fangs. Last night the temps plunged to -3(F) degrees. Brrr.  It’s hard to believe that the southern parts of the USA are warming up and getting hot.

Dale, the superhero neighbor, has snowblowed our driveway four times now! EJ was home one of the times he came up the driveway, so he went out to meet him. He found out exactly where the guy lives–just down the road and around the corner. He also learned that the guy is a veteran who lived most of his life in Connecticut. Dale said that people there aren’t as friendly or helpful like they are here. (His words, not mine. I’ve never been to that state so I don’t know what the people are like there.) He has a Midwestern attitude and likes to help out folks. When he saw me struggling to snowblow our driveway a couple of weeks ago, he added us to his list of folks to help out. EJ said he had been asking God to help us with a snowblower–he never imagined that God would send a man to do it for us.

I told EJ that I wish there was a way to express our gratitude to Dale for snowblowing our driveway. Dale refuses to let us pay him but I wondered, “Maybe I could make him cookies…?” However, I never really know when Dale will show up and I don’t want cookies to go stale (or, more likely, get eaten) if there is a wait. I could buy him a box of chocolates? EJ said, “But what if he is trying to eat more healthily? What if he’s diabetic or something?” So I thought and thought and then decided that the next time I see Dale in his snowblower chugging up the driveway, I will run out and tell him that once the weather gets nicer and the chickens began laying again, I will give him free eggs whenever he needs them. Everyone could use eggs and the chickens give me an over-abundance.

Because I took the wrong yarn sample with me when we went to the craft stores on Friday, I got the wrong skein of yarn and couldn’t finish a baby dress. So we had to go back to the craft stores on Sunday. This time I made sure I had the correct yarn samples to match, and I had EJ verify that they matched before I put them into my purse. A few minutes later, I saw Hannah on our bed chewing something that I assumed was a paper towel. She loves to eat them, and because she knows she’s not supposed to, she usually takes them to our bed to secretly enjoy them. Whenever I catch her, she keeps turning her back to me and clamps shut her jaws so I can’t pry the paper towel out. Hannah Joy is a stubborn lassie, but she keeps us laughing.

I went into the bedroom to try to pry the paper towel from her jaws. However, instead of a paper towel, I found a piece of yarn dangling from her mouth. With effort I was able to retrieve the yarn, and discovered that it was the small ball of yarn I had just put into my purse so I could match the color at the store!!! Hannah is part pitbull. I call her my “pit-pocket” because she likes to steal Kleenex from my pockets and, if she has the opportunity, she steals stuff from my purse. A few months ago she got into my purse and ate a whole bag of cough drops!!! I have to keep my purse–and other tempting items–out of her reach, but sometimes I forget. Ugh. I imagined driving all the way into town to the craft store and not finding my yarn samples. I also imagined Hannah pooping out yellow yarn. Sometimes I feel like Steve Irwin, observing animal poo to see what she’s recently eaten.

I put the yarn sample back in my purse and put my purse out of Hannah’s reach until it was time to leave. Hannah always gets excited when she sees us preparing to leave the house because she gets a bone to chew on. If she’s busy chewing a bone, she isn’t getting into things. 🙂 Once she has her bone, she takes it to the couch and hardly notices when we leave. EJ and I made it to the craft stores with the yarn samples and I was able to match them. I had two colors of yarn that I needed. I found one at Michaels and the other at Joann Fabrics. I had a 40% off coupon at the first store and a 25% coupon at the other. Now I can finish my projects.

My work station

Later, with a deliberately dramatic sigh, I told EJ that I have a very difficult work environment. He looked over at me crocheting in my chair, wrapped in my fuzzy blanket with Hannah Joy on my lap, next to the windows with a beautiful view, watching a program on my computer and said wryly, “Yup. You sure do.”

My craft closet

In-between crocheting and visiting craft stores this weekend, I re-organized our spare bedroom, which is our office, library, and craft room. I put away things that had accumulated on the desk, filed papers, and straightened up the closet. In the closet, I have shelves to the left and right of the door to hold my yarn, with excess yarn in totes. I keep a limited inventory of finished products in totes on the upper shelf.

Our home office, library, and craft room
My Medical Transcription class

My on-line medical transcription class is nearing its end. I took my final exam this morning. I did my best and scored quite highly, but I didn’t really care about the grade as much as the information. I do not plan to go into medical transcription because I would have to become much more familiar with medical vocabulary, the human body, and diseases. I don’t really want to be immersed every day in the suffering of people. However, I printed off all the class information and filed it in case I ever decide to get into general transcription. Right now, however, I’m enjoying earning a bit of money with my crocheting.


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