The New Store

EJ learned that he could work overtime if he chose, and since we could use the money, he worked last Friday. Later, when I got out of bed, I looked out the window and saw the Xterra parked near the top of the driveway, and the Suburban gone. It didn’t take a detective to deduce that the Xterra had gotten stuck so EJ drove our other vehicle. He said later that as he started down the driveway, the Xterra started sliding so he steered the other way and it got stuck in the snow. I think EJ has gotten stuck more this year than any other. I haven’t gotten stuck because I don’t make the attempt to make it down the driveway in the winter. The good thing is that neither EJ nor I ever engage in any sort of angry blaming when things like this happen. We just work together to resolve the problem. I went out in the afternoon and shoveled some of the snow away from the Xterra, and then later I steered the Xterra to safety as EJ towed it out with the Suburban. Easy Peasy.

Although our driveway is a challenge in the winter, I really love our property. Our long driveway winds around and hides us from passersby. EJ says that our property is hidden like a delicious secret. And winter is very beautiful. This past week or two, the trees look like they are dusted with powered sugar. When the morning sun hits them, they radiate with a golden light. Sometimes the snow-covered trees look like glass when the sun shines through them. I also enjoy seeing the paths that the deer make in the snow, and the tracks from other animals. And, of course, the birds and deer come up to the house to eat from the feeders in the winter. We have to put the feeders away in the warmer months because they attract bears, and with no feeders out, the birds and deer tend to stay hidden in the forest. So there is a lot of magical beauty in winter.

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Normally we like to rest on Saturday, but I had to deliver the remainder of the baby outfits to my biggest customer. The yellow and green dress was the last of the six outfits she ordered, and the purple dress and two sweaters was ordered by her daughter. EJ and I delivered the items to the Grandma at the hospital where she works.

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After we dropped off the order, we went on to H&R Block to get our taxes prepared. Yuck. I had dreaded it all month, anxious that we would owe a lot. But, with relief, we learned that we are actually getting a refund. Whew. We were missing one form that we needed, so the tax preparer went as far as she could and then told us to schedule another appointment when we found the form. We drove home and found the form immediately. When EJ called to schedule another appointment, we were surprised to be able to get one for the same day. In fact, we had just enough time to get our coats on, jump into the Xterra, and drive back. It was really good to get that dreaded task crossed off our To-Do List.

We spent the rest of the day watching a Netflix series while I crocheted a Big Foot that my biggest customer ordered–the same one who bought all the baby outfits. The Big Foot is adorable but I don’t yet have a photo of it. My customer also wants a Yeti and a unicorn.

Sunday we drove to Meijers because EJ needed food for his work lunches. We stopped at TSC for poultry feed. The friendly cashiers greeted us when we walked in. I told them that I had just had a dream that we went to TSC during their Chick Days–when they have all the adorable chicks and ducklings for sale in the store. The cashiers said, “It is Chick Days now!” I replied, “I know, but in my dream, I resisted the temptation to buy some. However, then I discovered that it was also Puppy Days, and EJ and I couldn’t resist adopting a puppy.” The cashier said that Pet Adoption Day will soon be here. I asked, astonished, “You mean you really have a day when puppies are brought in for adoption?” She laughed, “Yes!” I didn’t know that. EJ and I decided that we better stay away from TSC on that day. We really don’t want a second dog but, after my dream, we don’t want to be tempted.

Hannah with her bone

After we got home, EJ went out to work on the Xterra while I worked on crocheting a Yeti. He came back in and said he needed a part from the auto parts store, so I lay aside my crocheting and went with him. This time we dressed Hannah Joy in her beautiful Nordic coat and took her with us. She lives to go places with us, although she also doesn’t mind staying home because we always give her a rawhide bone when we go anywhere without her. I have started singing the chorus to the silly children’s song, This Old Man to her:  “With a knick knack, paddy whack, give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home…” when I give her the bone. She carries to the couch in the living room and is unconcerned about us leaving her.

A snowy drive to town.

During one of our trips home from town, a bald eagle flew right in front of us and landing in a tree. It was totally awesome! Occasionally I see them circling over our enchanted forest. I’m always so thrilled to see them that I forget to get out my camera.

I decided that today would be the day that I set up a new online store. I have been researching alternatives to Etsy because I am not happy that they have added on a bunch of (hidden) fees to items that sellers list. They also bury sellers who do not offer free shipping. I don’t like being pressured. I considered selling at Amazon, Facebook, and a few other places, but they either had high charges/fees or were complicated to set up. I want something more simple for me to set up and buyers to use. I think many of the more expensive marketplaces would be ok for businesses that sell many items, but not for a small business like mine. I would prefer to have a business through this blog, but WordPress doesn’t allow business plug-ins (which allows a blog to have shopping carts and payment and shipping options, etc.) unless a person buys their Business Plan, which I can’t afford at this time. I love WordPress, but wish they had a less expensive option for people like me. Maybe someday I can afford their Business Plan, but not now.

This morning I learned that I could use WordPress through a different hosting site, which would allow me to set up a business. I explain it to myself as having a store at the same location but with a different landlord. One had good reviews and wasn’t too terribly expensive so I set up an account with them. I had chatted with their support person and asked tons of questions before I signed up. They said it would be easy to import all my WordPress posts over to their site. I could retain blog address, my theme, my formatting, and everything, they said. But apparent it is only easy if you are a techno geek and not a “techno-dummy” like me. I spent all morning chatting to the new host support staff and WordPress support staff, trying to export/import my WordPress posts over to the new site. I finally was somewhat successful–I got most of my posts imported, but all my posts after May 2018 were missing, and both support staffs said that there was nothing they could do about it. I don’t want to lose any of my posts or you, my followers, so I finally called it quits and cancelled the new Landlord. I will remain with WordPress and someday maybe I can afford their Business Plan.

I made the mistake of beginning this endeavor as soon as I got out of bed this morning. I was so busy trying to get everything to work that I didn’t take a shower or get dressed until after 1 p.m. My first meal of the day was a cup of peanuts and jelly beans after I got dressed. Then I went back to it.

Developing my new e-store.

After I cancelled the new Landlord, I went back to trying to find a place for a webstore. I found two possibilities. Both had good options and neither cost an arm or a leg. One was very family-oriented and was specifically for handmade craft items, which was appealing, but I didn’t think it looked as attractive as the other site. The second site had a free plan with no hidden fees, but the free plan only allowed for 10 items to be listed. EJ said to go for the upgrade. I hate to incur too many costs because my goal is to help supplement our income, not deplete it. However, EJ said that the money I made on the items I delivered this last weekend has paid for a year’s cost of the new site so I should go for it. I’ve begun developing the store and will upgrade to the better plan tomorrow. Right now my eyes are blurry from working nonstop at the computer all day.

I still have a lot of work to do at setting up the new e-store, but if you want to take a peak, you can click on this link:

Terics Treasures

Ok. It’s late and I’ve got to get to bed…..




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