I have been looking for an alternative to Etsy because Etsy seems to be charging a lot of fees. I’ve researched many and tried to configure a couple, but they all seem expensive or complicated.

I’ve wanted to have my store on my blog, but WordPress requires that I upgrade to their Business Plan, which is too expensive. However, this morning I learned that I can create a store on my WordPress blog by switching to a new host. I chatted with support and they said it was easy to do, and that I could keep my blog address and my appearance. It wasn’t quite that easy and I almost gave up. Chatting with both Bluehost and WordPress support, I finally managed it (I think). However, it appears that I’m going to have to reset up the blog. It might get messy. Please be patient, dear followers, and I will get it set up as soon as I can. I appreciate you all!

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