Hannah Joy’s Game


The weather this week has been very, uh, variable. Last weekend temperatures reached 70 (F) degrees! It was so warm that I went outside without a coat and I wore shoes (instead of boots) for the first time this year! Woo hoo! Tuesday the weather cooled and became increasingly cold. Yesterday it snowed. About an inch, I’d guess. It was just enough to cover everything in white again. I’ve had to put my coat and boots back on when I went outside. Today it is raining. But, hey, it’s no surprise: during April in Michigan the weather tends to get a little crazy.

During the mornings and evenings, as the sun begins to rise or descend, it often touches the tops of the trees, making them shine with a golden light that is extremely beautiful. It makes me feel as if my forest really is enchanted. It was so especially beautiful one morning this week that I ran outside with my camera. The camera can’t capture just how truly beautiful it is, but it does give a glimpse.

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The magical golden light only lasts for a few minutes. And then suddenly–poof!–the light is gone as if it  has been switched off.

Our Hannah Joy is such an intelligent, funny, quirky dog. She loves to play “Fetch” with us, but she has developed her own version of the game. She likes to place her ball in various places near us: On our laps or legs, to the right or left of our recliners, in front of our recliners, hidden in our blankets, in the end table drawer where I keep the yarn for my current project, under the end table…When she has placed her ball, she backs up to sit on the rug and wait for us to throw it to her. Many times she is so quiet and sneaky that we aren’t even aware that she has put her ball somewhere until she barks sharply and looks at us expectantly.  Sometimes she is so clever at where she has put her ball, that it takes us a moment to find it. I made a point of photographing her and her ball this week so you could see:

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Hannah Joy keeps us laughing. I don’t know what we’d do without her!


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