Spring Coats

Last week our weather forecast predicted a bit of snow over the weekend, but the snow veered off downstate instead. I sometimes chuckle a bit because when we told people we were moving from southern to northern Michigan, they all said, “Wow! It’s so beautiful up there! But I’d hate to live there in winter!” because of all the snow. We do get quite a bit of snow, of course, and I’m sure there are years of very bad snowstorms, but so far it seems to me that downstate gets more frequent storms of all types in every season. Even when we get a lot of snow in our area, the snowplows are skilled at clearing the roads, so it’s really not that bad. The more snow an area typically gets, the better the workers are at clearing it. Of course, our long steep driveway presents a challenge for us in winter, but we still love where we live!

We actually had nice weather over the weekend, although it was a little cool with temps in the 50s (F). It’s colder today with the highs reaching only into the mid-40s. Over the weekend I wore my lined jacket or hoodie, which at times felt too warm. Today I’m back to wearing my winter coat. I have a pile of coats on top of the washer/dryer in the laundry room so I can switch to a coat that matches the day’s weather: winter coat, winter chore coat, warm jacket, warm hoodie. I also have a pile of footwear: chore boots, nice boots, and sneakers. Once warm weather is here to stay, the coats and boots will be put away until autumn.

We are expecting rain all week. But rain is not snow so I’m ok with it. I actually enjoy rainy days. They feel cozy and cuddly.  There is a stiff breeze today and I have been watching birds soaring overhead as I write. The wind is strong enough that they are hardly flapping their wings. It looks as if they are enjoying it.

As soon as EJ got home from work on Friday, we headed over to our propane company because they were offering a special low price for portable propane tank fill ups. We took one of our 25 gallon tanks that we use to fuel our propane heater when we lose our power in the winter. We let Hannah Joy go along with us and she enjoyed the ride.

Saturday morning we took Hannah Joy for another ride…to the veterinarian. It was just a regular appointment to test her for heartworm and parasites. Both her tests were negative so she is in good health. We also bought some heartworm and flea/tick medications to protect her from creepy-crawlies. We were going to get Hannah’s nails clipped as well, but she was stressed from the blood draw and injection so we decided not to stress her further. The veterinarian is the one who cared for Hannah and two other dogs when the animal shelter rescued them from a home where they had been kept outside and starved. She gave Hannah lovings and remarked on how well and happy she looked.

We had considered visiting the grand opening of a new farm store in Traverse City on Sunday but we decided to stay home instead. EJ worked on the vehicles and in his garage while I crocheted. I have another order for a hooded unicorn blanket.  I was glad to get a second order because I had forgotten to weight the first one, which is important for calculating shipping. I went as far as I could with the yarn I had, but I have to wait for additional yarn to be delivered. At this time our Suburban has a problem that needs fixing so I can only go to the craft stores on the weekends. Also, sometimes the craft stores don’t have the color of yarn I need so I figure it’s actually cheaper and easier to order exactly the yarn I need on-line and have it shipped to me, especially when there are sales on items and/or shipping.

While I wait for my yarn to arrive (tomorrow), I’ve been working on a couple new items. I made a very cute little cow. I also began a wizard and another dragon. I knew I wouldn’t have enough of the necessary yarn to finish either so I already ordered more. I have the wizard all done except for his hat, and a really good start on the dragon. They are adorable and I can’t wait to share them with you. The dragon reminds me of a Chinese dragon so I’m making him in red and gold. I will call him a fire dragon. He will be added to my collection of dragons. So far I have a winter snow dragon, forest dragon, and lake dragon (Torch Lake Dragon). I have a fondness for dragons and other fairy tale creatures.

In addition to crocheting, yesterday I went out and moved the dogloo in the chicken pen a few feet so that I could start a new compost pile where it had been. Once we get the garden planted, the chickens will no longer be allowed into it. They are so good at scratching up the dirt, including in the compost pile, that I wanted to move the pile from the garden into their pen so they can continue their good work. Plus, they can forage among the vegetable scraps for additional nutrients.

The chickens are laying regularly now. They give us more eggs than we can actually use so this morning I posted an “eggs for sale” ad in a local buy/sell group. We only have eight hens so we won’t ever be able to sell a large number of eggs, but if we can find 1-2 regular customers then the eggs won’t be wasted.

In a recent post, I described how the chickens follow me whenever I go into our fenced-in garden/coop. I took a video of them when I went out one afternoon to give them fresh water and gather their eggs. I always give them cracked corn so I can work without their interference. I really enjoy my chickens.

Every year we have a female turkey or two build their nests on our property. Almost every day we spy one wandering through our property looking for food. This year there is a turkey nesting in the forest. Whenever there is a large noise, I hear her loud gobble-gobble-gobble of alarm echoing through the forest. In the summer, her babies will follow her across our property. I think they are adorable.

This morning I worked on my latest newsletter for my store. In the process, I learned how to make a coupon so I can offer discounts. If you’d like to receive my newsletters, there is a sign up button in the menu at the right of my posts. There are links within the newsletter so you can easily share it with your family or friends. Or you can share the direct link to my Terics Treasures webpage. Your sharing through your emails or social media pages will really help me grow my business. I’d totally appreciate it!



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