I hope you all had a wonderful Easter/Passover!

EJ took last Friday off work. Actually, his regular 40-hour work week is ten hours Monday through Thursday, but the company allows–encourages, actually–employees to work additional days as well so EJ usually works eight hours on Friday. The overtime is very useful in helping us pay down some of our bills.

EJ’s previous company let employees dump their household trash in their large dumpsters for free, but when EJ lost his job last winter (because of health problems), we had to figure out an inexpensive way to get rid of our household trash. We figured out that it was much, much cheaper if we took our trash to the waste company ourselves instead of paying for curbside pickup. Even though EJ now has a job, we continue to take our trash to the waste company ourselves. It’s only a few miles away. With just the two of us, we only have to go once a month or so. We made a trash run on Friday morning.

Afterwards, we drove to the store to buy supplies for Passover. After we returned home, EJ worked on the Xterra while I cleaned the house, crocheted for a bit, and then I prepared our Passover meal.

When I began to study Hebrew about 10-15 years ago, I was exposed to the beautiful Hebraic mindset of the Scriptures. I felt as if my understanding of Scripture and my faith went to a whole new level. I compare it to looking at an everyday item through a microscope. You assume you know what the item looks like, but then you look at it at a deeper level through a microscope and it’s like “Wow! I never knew it looked like that!” If you are interested, here is a You Tube video of items seen through a microscope. It fascinates me.

Anyway, when we began learning Hebrew, we started celebrating Passover instead of Easter. Every item in the Passover meal is deeply and beautifully symbolic and engages all the senses. If you would like to learn more, here is a website that teaches about Passover in a simple, easy-to-understand way:

Why Are Christians Celebrating Passover?

Hannah Joy insists on being involved in all our activities and she tried to climb into my lap during our Passover meal. Finally, though, she settled down under the table. There’s a time in the meal when a child is supposed to go to the door to see if Elijah was there. We didn’t have a child so EJ went to the door. I said to Hannah, “Who’s here?” and she ran to the windows barking. LOL.

Hannah Joy makes us laugh a lot. Danny, our previous dog, was very sweet, gentle, quiet, patient, and very polite. Hannah is sweet, but she is definitely not patient nor quiet nor polite. When she wants something, she wants it NOW and she lets us know it in no uncertain terms. She can look a bit ferocious when she’s insisting we give her want she wants, but she’s actually just communicating with her various growls, barks, and other noises. If I don’t move fast enough, she will put her head under my lap table to upset it, or try to grab my crochet pattern, or even pull my blanket off me. I took this video of her last week. She wanted outside and I was videoing her instead. LOL.

My organized and labeled eyes (and Hannah’s nose)

Saturday we had a quiet day. I spent a couple of hours organizing my craft eyes by size in the  tackle box I “stole” from EJ a few years ago. I labeled the sizes so I can more easily see what I have and reorder when I get low.

Sunday we delivered a crocheted item to a customer. Afterwards we stopped at a couple of grocery stores to post Terics Treasures signs on their community boards. When we got home, EJ worked a bit more on the Xterra while I spent the afternoon figuring out how to add a few things to my Terics Treasures website–such as another payment method and links on this blog (at right) and on my website to sign up to my e-store newsletter. In the newsletters, there are links to share my newsletter, website, and Facebook page. I’d really appreciate if you’d share them with anyone you know who might be interested in my products. I’m trying to “grow” my business to help supplement our income.

Madeline lurking.

Sunday afternoon I spotted Miss Madeline Meadows, our sweet serial killer cat, trotting past the windows with a large chipmunk in her mouth. I am glad when she kills mice, voles, moles, and shrews, but I hate when she kills anything else. I figured the chipmunk was dead, but EJ suddenly exclaimed that it had escaped so I ran out to distract Madeline so the chipmunk would have time to get to safety. At first I couldn’t see either the cat or the chipmunk, but then I spied Madeline sitting not far away (with no chipmunk) on a fallen tree. With her coloring, she blends right in with the forest trees and dead leaves. Yesterday I found the bodies of two rodents–one inside the garage and one just outside the garage. I couldn’t tell if they were mice or shrews, but I didn’t mind that she had killed them. Mice carry disease and I’ve read that they will nibble off the toes of chickens while they sleep at night. And shrews are venemous.

Often at this time of year I see a lone female turkey wandering in our property. I’m sure she has a nest nearby and is just taking a break to eat. We saw Madeline stalking the hen. I don’t think Madeline is any match for the turkey. When we first moved here our dog Danny disturbed a Mama Turkey and she ferociously chased him away. However, I do worry about the babies when they hatch. I hope the Mama sets Madeline a firm boundary if Madeline tries anything.

Monday morning, I saw that the high temperature was forecasted to reach up near 80 degrees! So I got out the screens and inserted them into the windows. Once the temps rose into the 60s, I turned off the furnace and opened all the windows for the first time this year! Whoo hoo!

Today it is cloudy and rainy. The temps are forecasted to reach only 49 degrees so the windows will remain closed and the furnace is back on.


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  1. Glad you and EJ had a blessed weekend, and the little chipmunk will enjoy your paradise for another day. Happy Spring.

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