Early to Bed


EJ has been sick this week with some sort of crud. He went to work on Monday but after a few hours, his boss sent him home. Tuesday morning EJ kept an appointment to get new tires on the Suburban.  He said that he slid through a couple intersections on the way there, but with the new tires he was able to make it up our driveway in 2-wheel drive! The tires were expensive (ouch) but we need to be able to make it through bad winter weather.

EJ felt so bad waiting for the tires to get put on that he decided to stay home again. He still wasn’t feeling tip-top today but he didn’t think he could miss another day of work so he went in. Poor guy.

Areas just a few miles to the west of us got snow dumped on them earlier this week. Some places received 30+ inches of snow. We didn’t get much of anything. I’m thankful for the reprieve. Winter is just beginning and soon enough we will get dumped on.

Today was cold. It was only 20(f) degrees, which really isn’t horribly cold, but it felt very cold–probably because it was also windy. The chickens and cats stayed in their coop today. They aren’t stupid. As soon as EJ left for work, I went out to feed and water them 0(as I usually do) and, since they were all staying inside, I shut their little door rather than wait for evening. Although I put them early to bed, I still went out later to make sure they were ok and to refill the cats’ food dish. The chickens eat the cats’ food so I refill their bowl every now and then throughout the day.

Brrr! It was cold! When I came back inside the house after caring for the animals, I washed the dishes–it felt good to put my hands in warm water–and then made myself a cup of hot tea as I settled in my chair with a small blanket and Hannah Joy on my lap.

One deer has snowflakes on her long eyelashes.

While I sat and drank my tea, I watched the deer come up to eat from the feeders. The feeders are right next to the deck–only about 8 feet or so away–so I get to enjoy the deer, birds, and other wildlife close up. They make winter a special delight.

Sometimes the deer see us moving in the house and they look straight at us. If we don’t spook them too much they go back to eating. Sometimes one deer will chase off another, and sometimes they will even fight a bit. Today, after eating corn from the birdbath, a deer ate from one of the birdfeeders hanging from the post. Fortunately, this is the only one they can reach–otherwise, they would drain them all and leave nothing for the birds. I took a video of the deer. Hannah Joy was sleeping on my lap and didn’t even see them.

Poor EJ is coming home from work early because he’s not feeling well. I sure will be glad when he’s feeling better.

2 Comments on “Early to Bed

  1. Our snow was 5 in but it was the cold and wind that made winter come alive. Hope your hubby is feeling better, our love and prayers for healing and good health thru out this season.


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