Opening Day

EJ hasn’t felt well all week. He finally went to an urgent care clinic yesterday afternoon. I went with him. When I saw only a couple of cars in the parking lot, I thought that we’d be in and out quickly. Usually, I go into the exam room with EJ, but because we thought it would be quick, I stayed out in the waiting room. I waited and waited and waited and waited for him to return. I would have texted EJ to ask him how it was going, but he had left his phone in his coat pocket, which was with me. I got stiff from sitting so I periodically stood and stretched. I was beginning to think he had been forgotten or disappeared, but he finally came out. He had had a chest x-ray because the doctor believes he likely has pneumonia. We stopped at Meijers on the way home to fill the prescriptions EJ was given. He has three different medications to take.

Today is the opening day of deer season. EJ would have been on his way across the state to hunt at his friend’s 100-acre farm. Instead, he’s snoozing in his chair. He looks forward to deer season all year, and I know he hates to miss opening day, but I’m glad he is being reasonable and taking care of himself.


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