Thanksgiving Prep

We continue to have warmer weather–in the 40s. It’s almost more “jacket” weather than “winter coat” weather. Our snow has all melted and the chickens are enjoying wander through the garden. When it’s too cold or snowy, they prefer to stay inside the coop. A winter storm is forecast to arrive in Michigan on Thanksgiving Day, but I think the snow will slip through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and we will mostly get a rain/snow mix. If it gets slippery, that could cause problems for our area, but we will be snug at home so it won’t affect our household.

Friday afternoon I made a double batch of honey granola while EJ decided to make bread. The bread was very tasty. EJ said that perhaps he will make bread regularly from now on. That works for me! Hannah Joy was very interested in EJ’s bread-making endeavor–mostly because she was hoping something would fall to the floor so she could eat it.

We adopted Hannah Joy from the Animal Shelter two days before Christmas in 2017. Her previous owner had starved her and she was just skin and bones when we brought her home. She was so thin that I bought her a pretty Nordic coat to keep her warm on the cold winter days. The coat fit her but the hood didn’t so yesterday I cut the hood off. I was afraid I’d ruin the coat, but I didn’t. I crocheted a border on the hood and sewed velcro on it. I might crochet a collar on the coat, but I don’t think it really needs it. Now Hannah has a pretty coat and a hat that fits her. EJ called her “adorkable” because she looks adorable and dorky at the same time. I made her model it this morning:

Hannah Joy

Of course, it’s too warm outside for Hannah to wear her nordic coat and, besides, she needs to wear her hunter’s orange vest during hunting season so she isn’t mistaken for a deer. But when hunting season is over and winter hits us, Hannah Joy will be pretty and warm in her coat and hat.

Edison and his Mama came by yesterday to eat from the bird feeders. I finally was able to get a good photo of them. You can see how tiny Edison is:


Millie was at the bird feeders this morning. She was very interested in the birds that came to eat. However, Millie isn’t the fierce huntress that Miss Madeline Meadows, our serial killer cat, was. Madeline was an awesome cat and I miss her, but I’m rather glad I’m not finding dead bodies every day. It always horrified me and made me sad. With Madeline gone, we are getting more cardinals up near the house.

This weekend EJ and I planned our Thanksgiving meal. We have developed the tradition of both us preparing the meal to divide the labor. I’ll make the pies on Wednesday–most definitely pumpkin and mincemeat, and maybe apple. EJ is going to stop at Meijers on his way home from work this week to buy little disposable 5″ pie pans. I want to make a lot of small pies to freeze so we can occasionally enjoy dessert without overindulging. The day after Thanksgiving, I always make potpies from leftover turkey. This year I’ll make small turkey pot pies freeze them as well.

On Thanksgiving morning, I will make dinner rolls while EJ prepares the turkey and also makes the green bean casserole. The other tasks we can divide up, depending on who is free at the moment.

I’ve been thinking today of how much I value friends my friends. I want to say thank you so much for your encouragement, comfort, laughter, and awesome uniqueness. I value you all.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, you make it extra special for one another and us also, enjoy and stay safe.


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