The Washcloth Thief

We’ve had some crazy weather today with wind gusts that stirred up the snow into duststorm-like clouds and twisted it into snow-nadoes. Then we had freezing rain that tapped on the windows and froze there. We are supposed to get more than 6 inches of snow over the weekend, I read.

This morning we saw a buck come through our yard. We don’t often see antlered bucks on our property so it was a treat. I think we’ve only seen one other one in the years we’ve lived here. That one was a six-point buck that I saw pursuing a doe last autumn during the rut. I’m not saying bucks don’t often come onto our property. Sometimes we see their large hoof prints in the sand or snow. But we have only actually SEEN two of them. Isn’t the one today a beauty?

I think I gained some weight during the holidays. Bummer. So I thought I probably should exercise more. In the summer, I sometimes walk up and down our long, steep driveway, but I don’t want to do that in the winter because I’m afraid I will slip, fall, and break a bone, which is what I did a couple of years ago so my fear is not unfounded. Yesterday it occurred to me that I could walk around the house and fenced garden and chicken pen, which is all on flat ground. Yesterday I walked around the house five times. Today I walked around it twelve times. I counted and learned that it takes around 200 steps to go once around the house. So I walked 2,400 steps today. I’m not sure how many inches a step is. Maybe I should walk in the snow and then measure it. I’d like to know how many times I have to walk around the house to equal a mile.

A couple of weeks ago we stopped in at Goodwill and I found a neat “feeder” for the chickens. It was only $3. I think it works better than the bucket I was using–mainly because it’s easier to keep filled.

I took a group photo of my chickens. I counted and I think that 19 of the 20 chickens were in the photo. There seem to be an awful lot of them when they are all in the coop. They tend to stay inside when the weather is cold and/or snowy. Three of the chickens are roosters and seventeen are hens.

This is what 19-20 chickens look like.
Ruined washcloth

Hannah Joy has been her irrepressible self. We pretty much have to “child-proof” the house but despite our best efforts, she keeps finding things to eat that she isn’t supposed to. I did laundry a couple days ago and before I could get the clean clothes folded, she got into the basket and ate two washcloths. As is her usual modus operandi, she waited until I went out to care for the chickens to steal the washcloths. She has eaten a washcloth or two before, as well as a couple dishcloths, and most of my kitchen towels are now ragged around the edges.

I snatched the ruined washcloths away from Hannah, quickly folded all the clothes, and put the baskets away. But yesterday I was sitting in my chair and I glanced into the bedroom and saw something on the bed. I went in there and found a mostly folded washcloth, not yet chewed up. I took it into the bathroom to return to the shelf. We don’t have enough storage in the bathroom so our towels are on a standalone 4-tier shelf unit. I found two more folded washcloths on the floor. Silly Hannah has begun taking the washcloths right off the shelf! I’m trying to remember to close the bathroom door before I go out to care for the chickens.

Hannah Joy

Hannah also likes to steal Kleenex out of my sweater pockets and papers out of my purse if I forget to put them out of her reach. I call her my “pit-pocket.” She also loves to get under the blankets in the bed. Some days I have to remake the bed several times because she tries to get under the blankets and ends up messing the whole bed up. But Hannah is such a loving, cuddly, protective, funny part of our family that we forgive–no, we enjoy–her quirks. She keeps us laughing.



2 Comments on “The Washcloth Thief

  1. Thank you TJ for your sharing, your family fun is delightful and the deer were beautiful, stay upright on your walking, love ya


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