It’s Gonna Be Okay

Yesterday I wrote that today’s current events become tomorrow’s history and that history isn’t just a bunch of facts to be memorized for a school test but is actually about the stories of people who lived through it. So how are you all doing? Feel free to share your stories here.

I’m not all that anxious about the Covid-19 virus. I think of it much as I do a bad thunderstorm or snowstorm: We do all we can to prepare for bad storms, but beyond that, all we can do is hunker down and ride it out. I’m more concerned with how all the closures, cancellations, and shortages at grocery stores are affecting people, local businesses, and communities. I get very upset by people who take advantage of others, such as the two brothers (in Kentucky, I think) who went to several towns in their area and bought up 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, which they sold on Amazon for $8 to $70 each. As soon as Amazon realized this, they banned them, and the guys received so much negative reaction that they ended up donating the remainder of their items, but the fact they were so greedy is reprehensible to me. There are reports of others doing the same sort of thing. Thankfully, there are also reports of people doing kind things, taking care of others.

I’m feeling quite a bit of anxiety, but I struggle with anxiety anyway, mostly because of PTSD caused by emotional abuse. In fact, I had determined late last year that 2020 would be the year I would battle to overcome anxiety and pursue peace and joy. I think that whenever a person tries to overcome something, the battles can get fierce so I sort of expected some difficult days. I had hoped for a quiet, uneventful year to recover and regain my well-being, not this global chaos but…it is what it is.

Are you struggling with anxiety?

Here are a couple article about coping with anxiety:

How to Stop Feeling Anxious Right Now

Tips: Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Whenever I feel my anxiety rise, I’ve been stepping away from the constant flood of news. I talk to God a lot and hold on to truths that He is in control. I try to keep things in perspective. I also breathe, soak in the quiet beauty of my Enchanted Forest, and cuddle with Hannah Joy,  I do activities I enjoy, such as crocheting, writing, reading, watching light-hearted programs on Netflix and Amazon Prime, taking care of my flock of chickens. I seek out opportunities to laugh–because laughter is powerful. I remember years ago I read an article in Reader’s Digest magazine written by a former Vietnam POW about his experiences. He said that whenever a new prisoner arrived at the prison, as soon as they could, they would tell him that it was very important to keep a sense of humor even in the midst of all the suffering. Prisoners didn’t last long once they lost their ability to laugh. So I laugh at funny memes, cute animal videos, and my friends. Wait! I mean I don’t laugh AT my friends. I laugh WITH them.

I love the Piano Guys. Their love of music and creativity is a joy to watch. I’m going to leave you with their song, “It’s Going to Be OK.”


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