The Golden Time

Our very enchanting forest is at all times, in every season, very beautiful. However, there are two times in every day that are so magical that it takes my breath away. I call it “the Golden Time.”

It happens every sunrise and sunset. At those times the sun’s light hits the trees in a certain way and lights them up so they blaze with breathtaking beauty. Sometimes it looks as if the trees are lit from within. I’ve watched the light touch the tips of the trees in the distance and then move to light up the trees of our forest. The effect lasts only for a few minutes and then it’s as if a spotlight has been suddenly turned off. The trees then return to their normal level of beauty.

Most of the photos in the slide show below were taken during this morning’s Golden Time but I’ve included a few from other seasons as well. None of the photos were enhanced in any way. The trees are more beautiful than even the photos can show.

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