Prayers for Hannah Joy

On Friday afternoon, we took Hannah Joy to the veterinarian because we had found a growing lump on one of her nipples. The vet said that it would be best to remove it because, at the very least, it was pre-cancerous.

Although our veterinarian is actually pretty booked through the next month, she didn’t want to wait to remove the lump. So she squeezed the surgery into her schedule. We have to drop Hannah Joy off at 8 am tomorrow morning.

I know there are much greater concerns that people are struggling with, but if you could, please keep Hannah Joy in your prayers tomorrow. Hannah really is our joy and we want her to remain in our lives for many years to come.

6 Comments on “Prayers for Hannah Joy

  1. We too have Hannah Joy and your guys too in our prayers. She is the heart and soul of your family, and her doctor did the right move. May all turn out well, love and prayers.


    • Thank you for asking. The vet removed the lump and found that it was not cancerous. Hannah Joy is still with us, bringing joy to our lives.


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