Hannah Update

I had to wake up at 5 a.m. this morning to give Hannah Joy some meds. Usually, I feed her as soon as I get out of bed each morning, but she wasn’t supposed to have anything past midnight. She kept reminding me it was time for breakfast, and couldn’t understand why she wasn’t getting it. She acted like a cranky toddler.

We dropped Hannah Joy off at the animal hospital at 8 a.m. It was very difficult to leave her, but our compassionate vet said that the injection they gave her would put her to sleep within 5-10 minutes. When we arrived back home, both EJ and I went back to bed to get more sleep.

We picked up our Hannah Joy at 12:45 pm. The vet said that everything went perfectly. She’s going to send the mass to the lab to analyze to see if it is cancerous. Hopefully not.

Hannah Joy is still rather groggy and unsteady on her feet so she is sleeping a lot. The vet said that we could try putting an old t-shirt on her to see if that will be enough to keep her from messing with her incision site. We brought home a cone (of shame) to use if the t-shirt doesn’t work. I hope the shirt works because she looks cute in it, and I really hate seeing a dog stumbling around with the stupid cone on her head.

Hannah Joy is a cuddle bunny and loves to be with us at all times. She usually sleeps with us in our bed. Our bed is high and she isn’t supposed to do any jumping until she heals so I plan to sleep on the couch for a few nights. It’s lower and she can sleep on the floor next to it and still be close to me. Or if she wants to cuddle, she won’t have to jump to be with me.

Hannah is our baby.

4 Comments on “Hannah Update

    • Thank you so much for your prayers, Michelle! We really appreciate them. Hannah Joy is doing quite well, although she’s not yet herself. She is sleeping a lot today.


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