DIY Experiments

We’ve had one day of 60 (F) degrees and the next day it snows. Up and down. That’s why I have a wait and see attitude about Spring. I take each day as it comes.

Last week EJ scheduled an appointment to get our taxes done on Saturday (March 27). I asked him if he was sure he wanted to get our taxes done that day since it also was his birthday. He said he just wanted them done…so ok. The one-story building where the tax preparer was located also had several other businesses in it. When we opened the door, the hallway reeked of fragrance, which EJ is allergic too. He hurried down the hallway thinking that it would be better in the tax preparers’ company, but it was even stronger there. In previous years we’ve had no problem. I strongly suspect they were using a scented sanitizer between customers. The scent was so strong that EJ got an instant migraine and had to leave the building. He went to the truck and used his inhaler so he could breathe. He ended up waiting in the truck while I met with the tax preparer. When the forms were ready, I took them out to EJ to sign and then took them back in to give to the preparer. It took EJ several hours to recover. Not the greatest way to spend a birthday. Oh, well. At least we are getting a bit of a refund, which we will use to pay off a bill.

On Friday, EJ had bought Moomer’s ice cream for his birthday, which is the best ice cream EVER. He was going to buy a small cheese cake but the local store was out of them. I offered to make him a dessert, but he said the ice cream was enough. It’s not as if either of us needs to get overloaded with sugar.


Sunday EJ made pasties for his “birthday meal.” He had planned to make them on his birthday, but didn’t feel well enough. Usually, I make him whatever dinner he wants on his birthday (well, actually, pretty much any day), but he has been wanting to make pasties and, hey, for our birthdays we get what we want. EJ’s Mom used to make pasties, but this was the first time he had ever made any himself. They are meat pies that miners used to take to work for their lunch. EJ made several–I think about 9 of them. We cooked and ate one each, and froze the others for a later meal. They were yummy.

EJ had bought several bags of carrots the last time he went shopping; they were on sale. While he made his pasties, I sat at the kitchen table and cut up carrots, which I then blanched and froze. I also did laundry, dishes, etc.

Monday afternoon the Jojoba Oil I had ordered arrived in the mail. Tuesday I mixed up homemade shampoo for EJ, using the Jojoba Oil, Castile soap, and Tea Tree Essential Oil. I felt like a “mad scientist” and told EJ–with an evil laugh–that he was my test subject. He used the shampoo for the first time today. He said he liked it. So far so good.

I’ve been researching and printing out recipes for cleaning products. Besides the fact that they are made with common household products–like, baking soda, vinegar, Dawn dish soap, and so on–we’d like to get away from harsh chemicals with unpronounceable names. I’m going to experiment until I find a recipe that I like.

We also plan to make our own peanut butter. EJ often takes peanut butter sandwiches for work. It’s difficult to find peanut butter without a lot of additives. The homemade recipes call for peanuts (or other type of nut), salt, honey, and maybe a little oil. And a food processor with a strong motor. I ordered a good inexpensive food processor and some bulk peanuts (on sale) today. I’m eager to see how our peanut butter turns out.

I’m having a lot of fun experimenting.

3 Comments on “DIY Experiments

  1. You kids are special thank you for sharing you life with us. Sorry for Eric’s sensitivity, Bob deals with the same thing, such a cross and usually it’s too late once to smell the stuff. So many place we have to stay away from been a little easier during this pandemic year.
    Hug each other and have a beautiful Easter, love ya, Linda and Bob


    • It’s good to hear from you, Linda. I hope you and Bob are doing well and that you have an awesome Easter season.

      You are correct in that sensitivity to perfumes are a cross to bear. EJ can’t go into some area of the stores because of the scents and we have to use unscented laundry soap, etc.

      Until I married EJ, I didn’t realize that scents could cause such a problem for some people. Now I have several friends who have sensitivities–some more severe than EJ’s. Fortunately, I never got into the habit of wearing perfume. The house I grew up in was old and there was heat registers in only a couple of the upstairs bedrooms. During the winter, I always grabbed whatever I wanted to wear and got dressed in the warmer downstairs bathroom. Usually I forgot to take perfume with me and I didn’t want to go back to the chilly upstairs to get it. So I didn’t have to break a perfume-wearing habit after I met EJ. 🙂


      • Your growing up home sounds like my grandma’s in Three Rivers Mich. always loved going and visiting her, only one big grate for heat to rise upstairs, and you know where we huddled around especially in the colder weather.

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