The Fridge

Fridays are usually our day to run errands–or to get tasks done at home. Today EJ ran a lot of errands while I worked at home.

First thing this morning EJ went into town to buy a refrigerator. I had been looking for a small refrigerator for my eggs for several years. The eggs tend to accumulate faster than we can sell them–and they start taking over space in our regular fridge. We didn’t want to pay very much money so we looked for a secondhand one. We didn’t want a fridge that was too big because we don’t have much space for a second fridge–and also transporting it home would be a problem. But we didn’t want one that was so small that it couldn’t hold many eggs. We looked and looked and finally this week we found the perfect fridge on Facebook Marketplace. It was large enough to hold dozens of eggs, but small enough to fit in the hallway. It also was very inexpensive. Yay! Our search is over!

EJ took several bags of our household garbage to the waste facility. We don’t accumulate much garbage so we have discovered that it’s much cheaper to drop off the bags every few weeks rather than have curbside service. The facility isn’t that far away so it doesn’t take much time.

EJ also went to the store to pick up groceries. Actually, he is there now, as I write this post. Since the Lockdowns started a year ago, he designated himself our family grocery shopper. When he gets home, I will go out and bring in one load, but then I have to stay inside to keep Hannah Joy from getting into the bags so EJ will bring in the rest while I put everything away.

While EJ was running errands, I stayed home and cleaned the house. First, I made room in the hallway for the new fridge. Then I cleaned the house, filed papers, made more homemade shower cleaner.

Tomorrow is our Township’s annual “Clean-up Day”–a day when residents can take household rubbish, building materials, furniture, appliances, etc., to the waste facility for free. EJ is going to take in a load in the morning. We have an old printer we need to get rid of, a nonworking vacuum, and a few other items we need to get rid of.

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