A Clash of Seasons

I woke this morning (as I do most mornings) to the darkness of predawn. As the sun rose, the night slowly retreated, giving way to the day, and little by little revealed the scene outside the window. I felt a sense of anticipation, as if I was watching the unveiling of a masterpiece.

And so I was.

A bit more snow had fallen in the wee hours of the morning, and the sun revealed a beautiful clash of seasons–with both snow and autumn colors mixed together. The starkness of winter white and the vividness of autumn color seemed to enhance the beauty of the other. I think it’s one of my favorite sights.

This morning I went outside several times with my camera to try to capture the masterpiece. One of the times I stepped out the door, I heard a loud snort and a deer ran off into the forest. I swear that no artist can paint as beautifully as God. It reminds me of a time years ago when EJ and I went to a 4th of July balloon festival in a nearby city. The fireworks were spectacular, with burst after burst of color. However, as we watched, a thunderstorm slowly moved in. Thousands of people turned their backs on the fireworks and “oohed” and “ahhed” over the flashes of lightning in the distance. Nothing can compare with what God can do.

Here is a video montage of the photos I took. I hope you enjoy!:

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