Spring Into Summer

In an instant, we have leaped from Spring into Summer. On Sunday the trees were all still bare, on Monday morning there was a green haze of new leaves–and it’s become greener by the hour. We went from the furnace on in the house and jackets on outside to turning off the furnace and turning on the fans.

Tomorrow and Friday the temperatures are supposed to reach into the 90s. I am totally going to melt. I believe each season has its own unique beauty, but I think it’s easier to get warm in the winter than cool in a hot summer. I don’t know how people survive living in tropical areas.

Yesterday I dragged all my house plants out to the deck for the summer. I also got two of the garden hoses out–one in the front yard to water the fruit trees and herb garden and one in the back yard stretching to the chicken coop so that I can use the hose to give them water rather than lug water in the watering can.

The leaves of the trees aren’t the only things growing fast. I swear that every time I look in on the chicks, they have grown noticeably bigger. They now have more little feathers than down.

I wasn’t really sure how Hannah Joy, Timmy, and Little Bear would react to the chicks. The animals are curious, but mostly ignore them. Once I saw that they were all ok with them, I started leaving both the master bedroom and bathroom doors open. The only possible problem is that Hannah Joy seems to be protective of the chicks. She chases the cats away if they get too close so I always shut the doors if I am not going to be nearby. I don’t want any kerfuffle that dislodges the mesh over the chicks’ cage.

I did get a cool photo of Timmy on the edge of the top watching the chicks. The mirrors reflect his image so it looks as if there is three of him.

Timmy reflecting

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