The Incubator

Hannah Joy asked to go out at 10 pm on Monday evening, several hours after I wrote my last blog post called, “The Pantry Cat in Space and Time.” I found Millie in our entrance hallway, indicating that she urgently wanted to back out to the garage. Apparently, she had had enough of being an inside cat. EJ theorized that maybe she had fixed something in Space and Time and with her mission accomplished, she was ready to go back outside. After I got Hannah back inside the house, I opened the garage door for Millie and out she ran.

Our incubator arrived on Tuesday morning. I considered many different places to set it up. We need to keep it in an area where we can check on it, but it needs to be somewhere where Hannah can’t get into it, and the instructions said it should be kept away from windows (direct sunlight). I finally decided that the only good place is on the desk in the library.

EJ read aloud the instructions more thoroughly this morning. There’s a lot more to hatching eggs than I thought. We have to keep the temperature and humidity just right and the eggs have to be turned. Before I bought it, I had read an article about the best incubators in different sizes and price ranges. We bought a pretty good one at a budget price that automatically turns the eggs and adjusts the temperature and humidity. However, we still have to add water each day to keep the humidity at the right setting and check on the incubator often to make sure all goes well. I thought that, wow, it’s quite miraculous that hens are able to naturally provide the exact environment that their eggs need to have to hatch. Creation is amazing.

We won’t try to hatch any eggs until the weather turns a bit warmer. We think we will only hatch about 4 eggs this time. We’ve considered eventually hatching enough to sell, but we aren’t really sure how we want to go about it.

Our incubator

2 Comments on “The Incubator

    • Thanks, Eamon. I’m constantly amazed by the beauty and wonder of creation. It will be very interesting to watch the development of our eggs into chicks.


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