Month: February 2023

The Pantry Cat in Space and Time

The last time I wrote, we were expecting a winter storm with high wind, snow, and a glaze of ice. It ended up being not worth a warning–at least, not in our area. We got several inches of snow, and a slight glaze of… Continue Reading “The Pantry Cat in Space and Time”

The Best EVER

The weather was warm over the weekend and melted most of our snow, but once again we have a couple of inches of snow covering the ground–with more expected. We have a Winter Storm watch for our area until tomorrow evening bringing wind gusts… Continue Reading “The Best EVER”

Spring Fever

Since I have last posted, we have experienced temperatures down into the single digits, a little bit of snow, then beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures. The snow is melting again. The sunshine and warmer temperatures have energized me. I suspect I have Spring… Continue Reading “Spring Fever”

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