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Plot Twist!

The story of our lives has taken a new direction. I guess you could call it a plot twist.  As those of you who are reading our story know, business at EJ’s company slowed down to historical levels so EJ got laid off from… Continue Reading “Plot Twist!”

Those Who Go Down To The Sea In Ships

Yesterday the occupational doctor put a restriction in her report that EJ could only lift 30 lbs. It was so frustrating that she could have trapped him at a job that was definitely affecting his health while blocking him from a physically easier job.… Continue Reading “Those Who Go Down To The Sea In Ships”

Get Real

I fear that today’s post is rather rambling. I couldn’t make it seamlessly flow. Today I cried.  When I was growing up, my church sort of taught that it was wrong to question God. It was taught in a spiritual-sounding way: Questions were doubt… Continue Reading “Get Real”

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