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I’m a bit late in wishing every American a wonderful Independence Day. I love July 4th with its cookouts, parades, and fireworks to celebrate freedom. We were (and still are) patriotic. When I was younger, my Dad bought a small cannon. It was, I… Continue Reading “Freedom”

Enchanted 4th

We did not drive the long journey south to the old house this weekend. Not only did we not want to travel on a busy holiday weekend–it’s the USA’s Independence Day–but after all the weekends at the old house, we wanted to experience a… Continue Reading “Enchanted 4th”

Plan A, B, C….

Yesterday we ate the Ground Beef Wellington I had made the day before. As he ate it, my husband kept saying “Oh, wow, this is good…This is DELICIOUS…Oh, wow.” I must say that it was really very good. I will be making it again.… Continue Reading “Plan A, B, C….”

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