Tag: Independence Day

The Weekend

After a fun Saturday watching the Blue Angels perform and seeing Piper, the airport dog, we spent the next two days working around home. On Sunday I mowed our lawn. We mow only the areas around our house and let the rest of our…

Tears of Impotent Rage

Yesterday started out bumpy for me because I feel increasingly  frustrated by the problems with the lawn mower. Every mower I touch this summer dies. I don’t know how to fix an ailing mower and EJ is too busy (or tired) from hours of…

Plan A, B, C….

Yesterday we ate the Ground Beef Wellington I had made the day before. As he ate it, my husband kept saying “Oh, wow, this is good…This is DELICIOUS…Oh, wow.” I must say that it was really very good. I will be making it again….

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