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Weekend Projects

This weekend EJ and I discussed projects that we need to accomplish and when they need to get done. We have three vehicles but to save money we have insurance on only two of them. EJ and JJ both need vehicles to get to… Continue Reading “Weekend Projects”

Pampered Fun

My friend told me that she had given me a Fairy Godmother gift because I had laughingly told her that I sometimes feel like Cinderella. When JJ isn’t feel well, he is fretful and can’t settle down and needs attention–like meds, or something to… Continue Reading “Pampered Fun”

Dragons, Rabbits, and Superheroes

I shared this elsewhere yesterday, but decided to expand it and post it here. This is a topic I have thought deeply about in previous years and previous sufferings, and they are coming to mind again as my family enters these current struggles.  So… Continue Reading “Dragons, Rabbits, and Superheroes”

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