A Dagobah Day

Order and sanity is returning to my home.

The cats all seem to be in good health…or on their way there. After we took Luke to the vet the other day, we put him in the bathroom.  The bathroom is smaller than the back porch, but we were able to give Luke lots of loving attention whenever we went into the bathroom. We have a cat door into the back porch but had closed it off to isolate the sickest cats there. I had to put a litter box in the house for the other cats. It was nice to be able to return all the litter boxes to the back porch where they belong. Luke seems to be doing better, so we let him out of isolation early this afternoon. He missed us. He’s sitting on the arm of the chair as I write this post.

This morning I went outside to give Annie lots of attention. She actually is doing  very well outside, but I was thinking that her life has changed–she is no longer an inside cat because she has committed the Unforgivable Sin. People have debated for years what the Unforgivable Sin is. I now know: It’s peeing on me and the couch. As I cuddled Annie, I found myself singing to her: ♪ It’s a hard knocks life for you… ♪ Then I laughed because the song is from the musical Annie. We originally named our cat Anakin, thinking “she” was a male. Then we discovered “he” was actually a female, so we switched her name to Annie. The name “Annie” actually suits her very well because she has the most musical meow I’ve ever heard. She sings her meows. No one except us has ever heard her though because she refuses to meow on command.

The mantle shelves above the woodstove.
The mantle shelves above the woodstove.

The weather is becoming more and more autumnish. During the night the temperature has been dipping into the 30s or 40s, and during the day it’s only reached to the high 50s or low 60s. Definitely sweat shirt weather. It almost feels cool enough to build a fire in the woodstove.  Almost. I love it.

Yesterday it rained all day so we did inside tasks. EJ painted the woodstove with heat-resistant paint and then he put oak trim on the longer shelf above the woodstove to match the shorter shelf below it. I cleaned the house and cut up the hot peppers our neighbor had brought us on Saturday. I put them in the food dehydrator to dry. For the rest of the day, the house smelled very strongly of hot peppers. It was almost over powering.

I shot Ewoks.
I shot Ewoks.

This morning when EJ returned to the house after taking out the garbage, he said “It feels like Dagobah outside.” Dagobah is the planet in Star Wars where Luke first met Yoda. It is gloomy and misty and wet there. We used to fight clone troopers and droids on Dagobah when we played Battle Front games with JJ on his Playstation game system when he was in his early teens. He had only two controllers so we took turns playing each other, two at a time. We also fought on the moon of Endor where the Ewoks lived. The Ewoks really irritated me because they would follow us around constantly yelling “Ai-yi-yi!” So I started shooting them. Really, I did. My son gasped, “You can’t shoot Ewoks! They are on our side!” I replied, “No they are not. They are irritating and their constant chattering is giving away our position to the enemy.” Then I shot another one. He wouldn’t let me play on the Ewok plant anymore unless I promised not to shoot Ewoks. I told him I would try not to shoot them, but I could make him no promises. Then I shot another Ewok. “Oops!” “That wasn’t an accident! You shot him deliberately!” “You can’t prove it was deliberate….” I’m probably the only person who shoots cute little Teddy Bear Ewoks.

Anyway, this morning was damp like Dagobah. Later it got a bit sunnier, although there were still some clouds and dampness in the air. EJ worked on a variety of tasks, including FIXING THE LAWN MOWER! Yay! After he left for work, I walked Danny and then mowed the lawn. It looks so nice now.

3 Comments on “A Dagobah Day

  1. I’d rather have 20 cats then an ewok. But, seriously, we have never had a problem with our cats like we have had this summer. However, with Yafah gone, Annie outside, and Luke on the mend, life is settling down.


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