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The Big Bad Wolf

At the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve, a huge wind storm blew in. It buffeted our house, reminding me of the Big Bad Wolf who huffed and puffed to blow the house down. Our house didn’t blow down but sometime in the night… Continue Reading “The Big Bad Wolf”

A Dagobah Day

Order and sanity is returning to my home. The cats all seem to be in good health…or on their way there. After we took Luke to the vet the other day, we put him in the bathroom.  The bathroom is smaller than the back… Continue Reading “A Dagobah Day”

“Define Interesting”

My family’s conversations are filled with quotes from favorite movies. Star Trek, Star Wars, The Princess Bride, and others are filled with very quotable quotes. If we see a beautiful full moon, one of us will say, “Wow! Look at that moon!” Another will… Continue Reading ““Define Interesting””

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