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The Musical Annie

This post is about the musical Annie. It’s not about Annie, the delightful Broadway musical, but about our cat named Annie who has the most musical meow that I have ever heard. We adopted Annie from a yard sale years ago. A cat had had kittens… Continue Reading “The Musical Annie”

A Dagobah Day

Order and sanity is returning to my home. The cats all seem to be in good health…or on their way there. After we took Luke to the vet the other day, we put him in the bathroom.  The bathroom is smaller than the back… Continue Reading “A Dagobah Day”

Not the Worst of Summers

It also has not been the worst of summers. It has also not been the best of summers. Compared to problems many other people are experiencing, our lives are greatly blessed and our problems are small. I have a loving husband. My son is… Continue Reading “Not the Worst of Summers”

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