Happy Birthday, EJ!

Today is EJ’s birthday. I fixed him a spendiferous breakfast of deluxe scrambled eggs, a bagel, and a banana. When JJ woke up, we sang “Happy Birthday” to EJ and ate the cheese cake we bought yesterday. There were two pieces each of four different kinds of cheese cake. We cut them all in half so we could each have a piece of each type. It was very yummy. We ate it with cups of coffee.

This afternoon I was busy making Challah Bread. I made it today because I won’t have time to make it tomorrow morning. I also made potato salad. AND I continued packing for our trip to Indianapolis for JJ’s surgery. I have never before stayed in a hotel suite with a kitchen so I do not know what is provided. I figured that I better bring along a pot and a pan, a few utensils, dish soap, and so forth. You know, just to be safe. My “things to pack” list is getting longer. We might need to rent a trailer for all the things I am packing. 😀

We think that maybe, possibly, JJ’s hair is beginning to grow back. We can see eyebrows, a little shadow of a mustache, and maybe a tiny bit of fuzz on his head. We all thought his eyebrows look sort of bluish for some reason. I asked him if he wanted me to take pictures now and then so we can chart the progress. He said yes. Here is a picture from today:

JJ's eyebrows, mustache, and hair
JJ’s eyebrows, mustache, and hair

5 Comments on “Happy Birthday, EJ!

  1. Happy birthday here too EJ. And JJ I love to see hair grow back on you who knows what an interesting head you will have when it is all back, because it can come back in a different way than before. Teri wishing you all the strength you need to pack everything. But why don’t you phone the hotel and ask what they have and don’t have in that kitchen??? Maybe you have to pack less than you think now……Have a good day ❤


    • Thank you for the birthday blessings, Simone, both here and at FB. ❤

      Several friends have told me that hotels often provide kitchen "stuff" for suites. So I guess I won't worry about it. We plan to mostly eat breakfast at the hotel and then eat meals with JJ at the hospital.


  2. Eric you share your special day with our daughter who turned 50 on the 27, spent dinner time with her and hubby at Claddaugh Irish Pub. You have our prayers for the coming week and know that JJ is under the love and protection of our Lord


    • Thank you, Linda and Bob! I am glad you got to spend such a fun birthday with your daughter! It’s funny they are both the same age on the same day. 🙂


      • A little trivia, the Alaska earthquake was also a happening on that day 50 yrs. ago and I’m sure many other things but that stuck in my mind. Have a peaceful and blessed day.


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