In The Garden

It rained all last week but Friday was not rainy so I mowed the lawn. I always mow the lawn outside of the fence that can be easily seen from the road first in case I have trouble with the mower. I think the mower hates me because I often have trouble with it. Sure enough, after I mowed the “seen” areas, I moved the mower into the back yard, filled it with gas, started to mow, and the mower died. I couldn’t get it started again. I eventually gave up and set myself to pulling up more maple seedlings.

Saturday was Shabbat so I rested all day. Poor EJ had to work. He is working a lot of overtime, which is a blessing in many ways but really tires him out.

At least he didn’t have to work today. I had hoped EJ could fix the mower so I could finish mowing the lawn, but he was so tired and suffering from back pain that I thought he needed rest more than I needed the lawn mowed so I told him to relax and rest today. There’s always tomorrow…

Maple seedlings
Maple seedlings

The sky was blue and the temperature was around 60 today. It was a little cool, but it was just perfect for working outside. It’s hard to work when it’s too hot. I pulled up about 50 million maple seedlings. I only have about three zillion left to pull up.

I also weeded the herb garden behind the rhubarb and I planted some sunflowers there next to the fence so they can lean against it when they get big.

Then I used what EJ says is a vineyard or orchard hoe to dig out a bunch of plants in a garden area next to the front porch. I decided to make the garden a little bit smaller than it was. When I had that area cleared of unwanted plants, I sprinkled some shady area wildflower seeds there. It will be interesting to see if anything grows there and what birds it attracts.

Blooming lilacs
Our beautiful lilacs

Our lilac bush is now blooming. I do not think any flower is as beautiful or fragrant as lilacs. It’s too bad that they do not last longer. I keep wanting to cut a bouquet to put in a vase in the house, but I was too tired to do it when I finished working today.

The peonies are growing in my peony garden although it will be a while before they bloom. My peonies don’t bloom as early as others in town. I think it’s because they don’t get as much sun as others, although they seem to grow well enough. I recently put a bird bath in the peony garden. We can see it from one of our living room windows. We have four living room windows. From two we can see bird feeders and from one we can see the bird bath. We put our air conditioner in the fourth window during the summer.

By the time I finished working outside, I was exhausted and very sore. We had a very simple supper because I was too tired to make a bigger meal. I washed the dishes and then I cut up an orange for the orioles. I absolutely love watching them. They are so beautiful.

Then I took a hot, soaking, relaxing bath, put on my PJs even though it was only 5:30 p.m. Now I’m relaxing, feeling too tired and crippled to move. I did too much today, but I don’t care because it was wonderful to be out in the garden.

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3 Comments on “In The Garden

  1. I love your garden Teri and what a special place the Lilac bush with the nice green place to sit under it. Just sitting there and smelling the lilacs . And I do love the birds bath and the orioles who come over to visit there healthy food…..You are a real gardener and how great to see that you can do that again, although you are tired of course…I feel for EJ being hard working and tired but I can understand that is a blessing on the other hand. Did you already talk to the mower??? I mean being nice and telling him that he is such a nice guy. With all my stuff that is working on electricity or gas it sometimes work. As I have a Mr Hudson and so on. So maybe just maybe you can try that 🙂 Take care of yourself enjoy working but still tai all the time you all need to rest and recover. A big (((((hug)))) for you for JJ and EJ. ❤


  2. Simone, I must confess that I called the mower a “stupid piece of junk.” Maybe that’s my problem: I didn’t speak nicely to it. LOL.


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