I Love My Garden

I woke up feeling crippled by yesterday’s gardening. In spite of my aching body, I spent all day working in the garden today. It was just too beautiful to be inside. It was sunny and the temperature was cool enough (around 70 degrees) that it was very pleasant to work. I love my garden.

I started out the morning by pulling up several million maple seedlings. I am making progress, I think, although it will probably take several more weeks to get them all pulled–and even then I’ll find ones I missed all summer long. I had a scare when I put one hand on the ground to balance myself as I reached to pull up some seedlings. My hand started to buzz and vibrate so I lifted it and a bumblebee flew away. I had accidentally put my hand down on it. Fortunately it didn’t sting me, but I was so scared that I screamed–not a loud horror story type of scream but more of a shouted “AHHHH!” of surprise. I came into the house for a while to give myself and the bumblebee time to get over our scare. I didn’t want him to sting me in his fright.

I chatted with EJ for a bit. When I had calmed down from the bumblebee scare, I decided to take all the inside plants out to the porch again. First, I checked the forecast for the rest of the month to make sure there would be no more frost. I don’t want to have to bring all the plants inside again because the pots are big and heavy.

Then I used to hoe to clear the weeds from my garden path. I had considered letting the grass grow in the path and mowing it, but with the mower not working I thought it would look better to simply clear the path. EJ is exhausted from working so much, but he joined me outside for a while. He fixed the mower just before he had to leave for work. The wire to the handle had broke. While he fixed it, I pulled maple seedings nearby. After he left for work, I happily began to mow out in the part of the yard where the birdfeeders are. Then the mower died again. I am beginning to hate that stupid mower. I have named it “Stupid Piece of Junk.” I am thinking of murdering it.

Since I couldn’t finish mowing the lawn (again), I did some hoeing to level where the bricks outline my garden in the birdfeeder area. That was hard work. I pulled more seedlings. Then I moved the birdbath because I was afraid that in the peony garden it was too close to the front porch where the outside cats like to hang out.

By this time, I was utterly exhausted and crippled. My feet hurt. If I am not careful, my plantar fasciitis will flare up. So I stopped working in the garden and took Danny for a walk. Then I dropped him off at home and walked two blocks to the gas station store for milk. Then I came home and washed dishes. And began laundry. And fed the birds.

Tomorrow it is supposed to storm. That is probably a good thing because I won’t be able to work outside and I will be forced to rest more.

I love my garden.

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3 Comments on “I Love My Garden

  1. You have really a lot of work to do it is a beautiful garden but really big and all those seedlings….I think I would give up and let e new forest begin….But I’m afraid you will never been able to leave your house again because of the Maple Tree Forest 🙂 Take care of yourself today. Take a long long hot bath or something and all the naps you can take…..Love you Teri ❤ And yes when you call the mower such names he will refuse to do anything for you tssssssss just be nice to Mr Mower and he will easily do his job ….:-)


    • Lucindalines, the garden is LOTS of work but it is enjoyable too. My outdoor cats hang out with me whenever I work in the garden.


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