A Cliffhanger Life

Cliffhanger Photo: marshaamoore.blogspot.com
Photo: marshaamoore.blogspot.com

The definition of a cliffhanger is “a melodramatic adventure serial in which each installment ends in suspense in order to interest the reader or viewer in the next installment.”

I really think God has a fondness for cliffhangers because not only are there melodramatic adventure stories in the Bible (such as in Exodus 14 or the story of Esther) but my family has our lives are a series of heart-stopping adventures.


Here is the next installment of our cliffhanger life:

nervous-girlI called the Cancer Center yesterday morning to get the results of JJ’s PET Scan. We waited for several anxious hours for the oncologist to call back. When he finally called us, he said that JJ’s scan was clear–no cancer!–and we’d go back to the regular tests and appointments of CT scans, blood tests, port-flushings, and followup appointments every other month or so. I felt weak with relief and overcome with joy. I felt like dancing.



I texted EJ the good news and he was so excited that he immediately gave his notice at work. I understood his excitement, but I immediately felt stressed because I feel as if we weren’t yet ready. There are still major things that need to happen and if they don’t happen. It scared me. So I was like this:

NOOOOOOOO4 - copia

But I am better now.

EJ had his drug test for the new job today. I went with him and we talked on the way about how scary and stressful this move is for us. Major change and uncertainty, and chaos is always very difficult for us, but usually I am not so stressed. No ReturnHowever, since JJ’s cancer treatments ended, I have felt an increased sensitivity to stressers so that everything is making me feel almost as if I am having panic attacks. I know, I know, trust God, but that is easier said than done when every time we overcome one problem, we are hit with another. Every day we are reaching “Points of No Return” and burning bridges. Soon we won’t be able to go back even if we wanted to–which we don’t. We are moving forward because we can’t endure staying where we are. We need a fresh start.

The HR guy at the new company had told EJ that he didn’t need an appointment, but when we got to the clinic the receptionist told him that the form they set him indicated that the new company wanted him to have a physical too, which requires an appointment. So EJ had the drug test, which he passed, and then made an appointment for the physical on Monday morning.

When we reached our village, EJ stopped in at the post office so we could pick up our mail. Our village is so small that there is no in-town delivery. All residents have post office boxes. When we first moved here and I learned that there was no mail delivery, “Who ever heard of such a thing? What kind of place have we moved to?” But it wasn’t long before I enjoyed the daily walk to get the mail.

Today EJ waited in the car when I went into the post office to get the mail. I saw a dreaded envelope that I have been expecting. I walked back to the car and said to EJ, “Well, do you want to hear the latest installment of our cliffhanger life? You got your Jury Summons.” He is supposed to report for Jury Duty at the end of March. Seriously?

The form said that EJ could get excused from Jury Duty for several things, including moving out of the area. In order to be excused because of a move, EJ would have to copy his driver’s license showing his new address and mail it back to the Court. Only, of course, we haven’t yet moved, and we don’t yet have a house, and EJ will be living in a hotel for a while–unless he has to live in his car. EJ called the Court to explain our dilemma and the coordinator said his new company could send them a letter verifying that we are relocating.

I said to God, “Seriously, can’t You just dial down a bit of the drama? I don’t know about You, but I’m getting all funned out.”




2 Comments on “A Cliffhanger Life

  1. And the journey continues and so do the prayers, soak in the beauty that He has all around you and you will feel His Peace, love ya!!


  2. WOW this is really a part of your life in which you have to endure a lot. Happy I already told you for Jared and you all . But I have the feeling that the journey will come step by step in the right direction. So we’ll have to go on praying for every step. I was amazed about Eric about giving his notice just like that. But let’s see how G’D will make the way. ❤ ❤ ❤


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