Watermelon is for the Birds

Both my guys stayed home from work today.

EJ suffers from chronic back pain because of an injury years ago. He always has pain, but sometimes it is tolerable and sometimes not. He’s been experiencing worse than normal pain for several weeks. Although he had fun fishing with his friend on Saturday, the bumpy road to the lake and the boat pounding across the waves was not good for his back. Sunday he was in agony and this morning he could barely walk. He was going to try to make it to work anyway, but I recommended that he stay home, so he did. I also suggested it might be time for him to call his doctor to see if she could help him with the pain. I think he has suffered long enough. So he called his doctor today and she called in a prescription but by the time her office notified EJ, the pharmacy was already closed for the day. I will have to go pick it up tomorrow.

JJ is sick. He went to work yesterday, but his boss sent him home because he looked so terrible. He stayed home today and fortunately he was able to get an appointment with his doctor today at 12:45 p.m. I drove him to the appointment. The doctor said he has a sinus infection. He also took a culture to see if JJ has strep throat. After the doctor appointment, we drove to the pharmacy to pick up his prescriptions. He was able to get one filled, but they had to order the other, which will come in tomorrow. So I will be picking up prescriptions for both EJ and JJ tomorrow.

Proof of death

In between caring for my guys, I got a couple loads of laundry washed. As I was coming back in the house after hanging the clothes on the clothesline, I saw a big wolf spider lurking on the threshold. If I opened the door, it could very easy scramble into the house. So I found a shoe on the porch and smashed it.

Later EJ walked down with me to get the mail. Sometimes it helps his back if he can walk a little. As we left the house, I saw a wolf spider on the pavement in front of the garage. I stepped on it. EJ thinks I am a horrible spider serial killer…which I sort of am. But the wolf spiders and I are at war. My guys don’t realize that each spider has billions of babies, and the babies grow up and have billions of babies.  My stepping on a few of them will prevent all those spiders having billions an billions and billions of descendants. I will help save our world from being overrun by spiders. I think I should be given a medal.

Yummy Watermelon

Yesterday I had to go to the store to get JJ some medicine. JJ was sleeping when I got home, so I put the medicine aside and began cutting up the watermelon. Later I cut it up. EJ was talking to his friend as he walked out to the kitchen. I saw him looking at the watermelon, so I said, “I bought this for the chickens and ducks.”  He said to his friend, “TJ bought a watermelon and I thought she was cutting up some for me, but she just told me that she bought it for the ducks and chickens.” I said, “Yes, because this is Mother’s Day and most of the chickens and ducks are mothers–well, sort of…they lay eggs.” So he told that to his friend and they started joking that I valued EJ less than the chickens and ducks, and less than Danny, and don’t forget that he’s less priority than the cats. I told him that he was maybe a little higher than the ducks, but not the chickens, dog, or cats. Silly guy–he knows how much I love him. He doesn’t even like watermelon all that much. But I did cut him and JJ up a small bowl of watermelon. I took the rest out to poultry. They loved it.

This afternoon I gave the birds the rest of the watermelon. I noticed that the ducks food bucket was a little low so I went into the garage to get more…and discovered that all the food buckets were empty. I decided to drive in to the farm store to get more. I really didn’t want to go to the farm store, but today I didn’t think I had enough food to last until next weekend. Unlike the schedule JJ had at the grocery store–he usually worked from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.–his work hours at the new job are similar to EJ’s, which means with both of them at work, I don’t have transportation during the day. So I had to get the food today. JJ begged me to fill the Buggy up at the gas station. I sighed, but I took his debit card and got him gas and then drove on to the farm store. I got three bags of poultry feed and one bag of “feather fixer” feed to give the chickens extra nutrition while they are molting. They are looking really ugly right now and I’m eager for them to get back their feathers. I also bought some straw.

When I got home, I lugged the four 50 pound bags into the garage. I left the straw in the buggy for now because it is super heavy and I was getting tired.

When I got into the house, my guys were hungry, so I fixed them supper, washed the dishes, then sat and watched a program on Netflix. It’s a new series that I’ve begun watching. I’m up to the sixth episode, but EJ grew interested in it, so I started the series over so he could watch it with me.

After we watched the pilot episode, I went outside and scattered the Wildlife Habitat seed on our hills. EJ wanted to come outside with me, so I divided the seed so he could scatter some too. It’s supposed to rain tonight, so I thought it would be a good time to plant it. I hope we get a good amount of rain because the lilies are very thirsty. When our seed bags were emptied, we came inside and watched episode 2 of the Netflix program. Then it was time to go out and put my birdies into the coop.

Today was a super busy day.

I’m tired.



2 Comments on “Watermelon is for the Birds

  1. You have a busy life Teri but I love to read about it. Hope that EJ and JJ will get well soon. What serie are you watching on Netflix?? I have Netflix too… ❤


    • We are watching Travelers. It is a science fiction series. Whenever I start watching a series that EJ becomes interested in, I wait until he can watch the episodes with me.


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