Empty Nest

Well, JJ received the keys to his new apartment today!

The new apartment is in the same town where EJ works so he stopped to look at it when he got out of work. I have to wait until tomorrow to see it because I didn’t have transportation–and even if I had, I couldn’t have driven with my broken arm.

JJ had to work today, but he stopped by this evening to take a few basic things back to the apartment. The first thing in the car was his computer, which is his most valued possession. He took some items we are giving him, a few clothes, his pillow and blankets, and probably not much else. His Dad could have put a mattress in the sub this morning and dropped it off for him, but JJ wasn’t very definite about his moving plans. Oh, well. It won’t kill him to sleep on the floor and it will actually be an adventure.

JJ is skipping his college class tomorrow to move more stuff. I don’t think he’s worry about moving everything all at once. He’ll just take things back when he visits. I will go with him tomorrow, although there’s not much I can really do to help. I will enjoy seeing his new place though. I will take photos.

Once JJ is mostly moved out, I will begin cleaning and organizing his old bedroom. In fact, I really want to do some Spring cleaning and organize the whole house. Drat this injured arm–it is going to slow me down!

EJ and I now have moved into the “empty nest” stage of our lives.

I have such mixed feelings. I’m a bit sad because it’s such a big ending. Having an empty nest makes me feel old. However, I’m excited for this new stage in JJ’s life and excited about the new stage in our life. There are things I will miss and things I won’t miss. I would write about this in more detail, but my arm feels swollen and it’s painful to write tonight. Maybe I have been trying to do too much.

2 Comments on “Empty Nest

  1. I feel for your conflicting empty nest feelings! I remember feeling quite lost when my daughter first moved out, even as I rearranged the space to my personal needs. Now I see my daughter’s oldest edging toward freedom and college and see those same conflicting feelings going on.

    By the way, when I first moved away from home I slept on the floor at first. I guess it didn’t hurt anything, because I had forgotten all about that until you mentioned JJ didn’t have a bed:)

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    • When we moved into our current house, we had to wait a week after closing before we could move most of our possessions. We brought only the basic essentials and slept on the floor during that week. We survived. It was sort of fun “camping out.”

      I think that especially when moving into a first apartment, there’s a lot of fun living “rough” and being given secondhand items. It gets everyone involved in supporting the move and it makes good memories. 🙂


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