Hannah’s Favorite Uncle

EJ and I had an enjoyable weekend. I hope you all did too!

EJ’s friend arrived late Friday afternoon for an overnight visit. EJ had to work late so TH arrived before EJ got home from work. This is the first time TH has visited since we brought Hannah home from the shelter. I wasn’t sure how Hannah would react to a stranger so when I saw TH drive up the driveway, I put her leash on her. She really barked and growled ferociously when he came to the door and I was a bit concerned that she would attack him. But he likes dogs and he stooped down to her level, asked me to remove the leash (which I did reluctantly), and he very patiently and calmly talked to her. It wasn’t long before he had won her over. In fact, she acted like he was her favorite uncle. She snuggled next to him and kept bringing her toys over for him to play with her. It was very cute.

We all agreed that Hannah would protect us from anyone wanting to do us harm. That is actually good to know because we are rather isolated on our hill.

Saturday morning my alarm went off at about 5:40 a.m. I turned it off and was going to snuggle back into bed, but EJ got up so I did too. I hurried and did my morning chores–caring for the dog, cats, chickens and ducks. Then we settled down to watch the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. TH woke up soon after and watched it with us too. I also called my friend and we commented on the wedding as we watched it in our homes in different states. It was fun. The wedding was beautiful. I hope Harry and Meghan have a happy life together.

TH left in early Saturday afternoon. It was rainy and/or foggy all day. It was a good day for a cozy and sleepy day in the house.

EJ Mowing

Today (Sunday) was sunny and beautiful. EJ got the mower started and mowed the lawn while I cleaned the house. Later we went to the plant nursery. We bought a flat of strawberry plants, various herbs, and lavender, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, chives, mint, and probably a few others. We also bought some good dirt for our raised beds. We didn’t get as many plants this year as last year. I mostly concentrated on the veggies and herbs that I often use rather than try to get new ones. We will work at improving our raised beds this year.

After we arrived home from the nursery, we went into the garden. Last year’s strawberry plants didn’t survive in their raised beds, so I’m going to put them in the hot tub bed this year because it’s insulated and might protect them better in the winter. I loosened up the soil while EJ prepared the soil in the three long raised beds and planted bean seeds.

I found a package of perennial wildflower seeds that EJ had bought a while back, so later we walked down and I planted them along the driveway. After Danny was put to sleep, the vet set us a sympathy card that had forget-me-knot seeds imbedded in a silhouette of a dog on the front. Hannah had chewed it up somewhat, but most of the pieces of the seeded dog were salvageable, so at EJ’s suggested I planted the pieces near the rocks where Danny used to dig a hole and lie in it.

We are expecting another frost tonight, so we didn’t take the nursery plants out of the Xterra. We felt they would be better protected there than anywhere else. We aren’t expecting frost the rest of the week so I’ll take the plants all out tomorrow and start planting some of them. When I went outside at dusk to shut the chickens and ducks in their coop for the night, I tried to cover up my morning-glory plants growing near the deck. Our lilac bushes are almost in bloom and I really hope they don’t die in the frost. I love the beauty of lilacs.


4 Comments on “Hannah’s Favorite Uncle

  1. Hannah makes me smile – love her taking all her toys to your guest. About seven or eight years ago I was at Meijer and they had their packets of seeds for buy one/get one free. I got some forget-me-nots. and planted them. They grew like crazy and I’ve never been lucky with growing seeds. They got so big and healthy they crowded out the rosebushes, so I had to take the out, but didn’t get the roots evidently, as I went out back the other day after a day of raging wind, and I had forget-me-nots, so they are hardy and yours should do fine TJ.


    • Hannah really was–and is–cute!

      Hmmm. Maybe I should have planted the forget-me-nots along the driveway…but I can always transplant them there later.

      Liked by 1 person

      • She sure is – loved the close-up of her nose as well. 🙂 I think they are very hardy – I pulled them out by the handfuls because not only did they get large and interfere with the roses, but they started growing too close to the grille of the A/C unit. I have a blue house and thought they would look nice to match the house. They did look nice and I was amazed they took … after all, I planted sunflowers that same Summer, and only had a handful of them live.


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