Garden Fun

The morning-glories and lilacs survived Sunday night’s frost. Yeah!

Yesterday morning I washed some clothes and hung them on the clothesline. It looked a bit cloudy so I went in to check the National Weather Service forecast. It said we could get some rain. I checked radar, and it showed a great deal of rain heading our way. It was still a bit far away so I had time to dry the clothes on the line, but I dried the towels, which I usually wash last, in the dryer because I didn’t want to bother hanging them out when I wasn’t sure there would be time for them to dry outside.

Lavender plants on the table. EJ’s tomato plants sitting on the deck, and my cheerful hanging flowers.

I chatted with a friend at Facebook and another on the phone. Then I checked the radar again and the rain looked very close–less than a county away. I decided to make another trip to the wonderful plant nursery for some more lavender before it began raining. The nursery is less than 10 miles away, which is both good and bad. It is good because it doesn’t take long to get there, and it’s bad for the same reason: It’s closeness is tempting and the cost of plants adds up quickly.

A cheerful splash of color.

I bought a flat of lavender, two more bags of soil mixed especially for vegetables, two 18 bulb bags of Crocosmia that caught my eye, and I couldn’t resist getting a beautiful hanging plant. I’m not sure what it is, but it is a bright red splash of color. I hung it on the bird feeder post near the deck. I’m hoping the red flowers will attract hummingbirds. Plus, I don’t think Madeline can climb the post easily with it there.

I drove home, unloaded my plants, and checked radar again. Although the rain was moving toward us, it was no closer than it had been before. It apparently dissipated just before it got to us. We actually didn’t get any rain until about sunset. I was glad it finally rained. We could really use some.

I spent the rest of the afternoon contently working in the peaceful garden. I planted the strawberries in the old hot tub, as well as some of the herbs and veggies that EJ and I had bought on Sunday. I didn’t plant everything because I needed to think of where to plant some of the veggies. Some require deeper raised beds than others, and I only have a limited supply of the deeper boxes.

Turkey hen outside the window

We frequently see a hen turkey wandering our property. I’m sure she has a nest somewhere. I’m actually not sure if there is just one or more. I went into the bedroom yesterday afternoon after I finished planting and was surprised to see a turkey hen just outside the window. I snuck away and grabbed my camera and then snuck back and took a couple photos. Turkeys are very alert and observant so I couldn’t get too close.

EJ planted some bean seeds last weekend. After supper, he went out into the garden and planted some carrot seeds.

This morning I was sitting in my chair by the window drinking my coffee when I saw a huge bird flying low between the house and the big rocks. I was excited and silently exclaimed, “Oh, wow! Oh, wow! I wonder what that is!” It landed on the other side of the driveway and then I recognized it as a turkey hen. I didn’t know until a couple of years ago–after we moved here–that turkeys can fly and they actually roost high in trees at night.

Today was beautiful with blue skies and just-right temperatures in the upper 60s. It was just cool enough to make working outside pleasant.

Lilies along the driveway. Soon there will be wildflowers too!

I have read that lavender repels deer and also things like fleas and ticks (which is why I bought so many). I looked up on the Internet to see to make sure lavender can be planted near fruit trees–they can. So I planted a lavender plant near each of our apple and cherry trees. Then I planted some along the edge of the driveway. I also planted a couple in the flower garden near the house. I took a short break, and then planted a few of the Crocosmia bulbs in the flower garden and the rest along the driveway. I lugged along a kitty litter bucket full of water and gave each plant/bulb a drink when I planted it.

The zucchini pool in the foreground.

I was tired and hungry so I took a break to eat lunch. Then I planted all the rest of the herbs and veggies in the garden except for EJ’s large tomato bushes, which I will let him plant. I left two of the large deep containers for him. Yesterday and today I moved wooden planters from the front yard to the back yard to replace some of the pots. They were heavy, but I moved them with the wheelbarrow and then heaved them inside the fenced in beds.

I wasn’t sure where to plant the zucchini plants–I was running out of suitable raised bed containers. I finally spotted the round ducks’ kiddie pool, which I noticed had a crack in it a few weeks ago when I filled it for the first–and last–time. (The ducks have another little kiddie pool to swim in). I dragged it to the corner of the garden, filled it with dirt from containers we won’t be using, put in some veggie soil mix, and planted the zucchini. I also had to fix some fencing so that the ducks can’t eat the zucchini plants.

By the time I got the zucchini planted, I was really tired, but I had to prepare supper. I got it cooking and then walked Hannah down to the mailbox for the mail. Hannah did very well in the house alone while I worked; she only ate a teabag left on the counter. Every time I sat down today to take a break, she grumbled that she needed more attention as she climbed into my lap.

I did a few other chores, like dishes, cleaning the kitty litter, set up the coffee pot for tomorrow, and then I sat and ate. EJ often works late and I don’t usually know when he’s going to get home so I eat supper if he’s not home by 5:30 p.m.

While I was working in the garden, I saw Madeline take a chipmunk in the garage. She left it right inside the door. I thought it was dead, but it was only mostly dead. When I went to move it with a shovel to throw it in the forest, I saw it move a tiniest tiny bit. I was careful when I set it down, but I think it’s too far gone to live. Poor thing.


2 Comments on “Garden Fun

  1. You sure were industrious TJ – you make me feel like sloth sitting here in front of the computer. You got more Vitamin D and exercise than me, that’s for sure. Ms. Madeline was industrious too – poor little chipmunk.


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