Warm and Warmer

The three days since my last post have been beautiful with blue skies and plenty of sunshine. The temperature has climbed every day, with each day warmer than the last. Today it is 86 degrees. It’s way above my tolerance level. I’m totally melting.

I’ve added “turning on the sprinklers” to my list of morning chores. After I’ve fed Hannah Joy and taken her outside, fed the inside and then the outside cats, filled the poultry drinking buckets and the kiddie pool for the ducks, and let the ducks and chickens out of the coop, I attach the sprinkler to the hose to water the garden in the back yard. As soon as EJ leaves for work, I turn on the sprinkler in the front yard to water the apple trees and then I move it to water the flower garden and the house plants which sit on the deck all summer long. Even though we have a 100 foot garden house in the front yard, it doesn’t reach the new evergreen trees below the hill or the cherry trees on the other side of the driveway so I have been lugging kitty litter buckets of water to give them all drinks. I didn’t do it this morning though–although I should have–because there is a slight chance of rain tonight. I figured they could wait. I really do hope we get some rain.

I think the ducks reached through the fence to bite off one of the zucchini plants so I reworked the fencing there on Wednesday morning.There is a gate dividing the garden and the smaller pen in front of their side of the coop. (The chickens also have a large outside pen on their side of the coop.) I open the gate in the morning so the ducks can wander through the garden gobbling snacks of insects. There is fencing around each raised bed so they can’t easily eat our herbs and veggies. When the gate is open, it almost blocks the area where the zucchini plants are in the cracked kiddie pool. So I pounded a t-post into the ground and fastened a small bit of fencing in the small opening not blocked by the gate.Β  Now at night the gate closes access to the duck coop/pen, and during the day it allows the ducks into the garden but closes off their access to the zucchini. I think it’s pretty ingenious. Oh, and I put some chicken fencing up so the ducks can’t reach through the fence and gobble the zucchini.

Yesterday afternoon I washed most of the windows. I have one or two more windows to wash, but not today. Today is too hot.

Today I stayed inside and cleaned out the fridge, washing the shelves and tossing out items that are expired or was pushed to the back and went bad. Hannah “helped” by licking the shelves I took out or eating food particles that were swept out. She also ate my scratch pad that I had used to scrub the inside of the fridge and then set aside. Sigh. She eats everything!

After I cleaned the fridge, I reorganized the chest freezer in the pantry. It was mostly already organized so it wasn’t a hard job. I found some frozen squash that had been there since 2014. I took it out to the chickens for a frozen treat to cool them off.Β  Which reminds me: I need to make some frozen treats for the poultry. I freeze veggies and/or fruit in ice and then they enjoy nibbling it. It helps keep them cool on hot days.

It felt good to stick my head in the cool fridge and freezer. But then I walked to the mailbox with Hannah. I felt as if I were stumbling through a hot, hot desert. Hannah helped pull me up the hill or I might not have made it. EJ would have come home from work and found my body baking in the driveway.

Great Crested Flycatcher

Wednesday morning I heard the call of an unfamiliar bird. There were actually two calling back and forth to each other. I could see one of the birds on a tree but I couldn’t see it clearly enough to tell what it was. So I got my camera out, zoomed way in, and snapped a few photos. Once I uploaded it to my computer, I was able to identify it as a Great Crested Flycatcher. The first time I saw one was last year, and now they are back! I’ve been hearing them every morning since Wednesday. I was able to get a video of the bird too. It is jerky at first because it was difficult to locate the bird in my camera’s viewfinder:

I love watching the birds!

The lilac bushes are in bloom. We have four (or is it five?) all in various shades of lavender around the house. When the breeze blows, we can smell their beautiful fragrance. They are one of my favorite flowers.

EJ has a three-day weekend because of Memorial Day. We are really looking forward to it! We haven’t quite decided what to do. We might go off and do something, but we might just putter around home. Our home is so beautiful that we really enjoy just staying here!

7 Comments on “Warm and Warmer

  1. Have a beautiful Memorial weekend, it is just good times being together and say hi to EJ.


  2. This warm weather is not welcome by me either TJ, despite all my protestations about the cold, snow and chilly Spring … where was our Spring? I hope this not here to stay. I like your stories about cooling off the poultry with frozen fruit and veggies. Stay cool and enjoy your long holiday weekend … you know it will go by quickly.


    • I think that mid- to high-60s would be the perfect temperature! I bought EJ and me some frozen treats of our own–Moomer’s Ice Cream. I chose Cow Tracks for EJ and Raspberry Truffle for me. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      • That would suit me fine too … I’m no fan of the hot weather that everyone has been clamoring for. That’s why you and I like Fall so much. That ice cream looked good when you showed it in another blog post. You have been working hard enough that you deserve a gallon for just you!


      • Yes! Fall is awesome: No lawn mowing, no snow-blowing, beautiful colors and chilly sweatshirt weather!

        Liked by 1 person

      • My kind of weather – went to Heritage Park this morning. It was 75 degrees at 8:25 a.m. and buggy and muggy. Got bitten by mosquitoes that were everywhere. Yesterday rain and a storm … not my idea of nice weather at all!


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