Hannah Joy went with us while we were running errands. She loves sitting between us.

The weather this summer has felt a bit out of the ordinary. We had frost well into June. We had regular periods of light rain, but fewer storms than normal. Usually August is our hottest month, but this year it feels more like September, with cooler days and nights. We even spied a tree turning colors while we were at our bank today (which is where I took the photo at the top of this post). I don’t mind not having sweltering hot days, but because it feels so autumn-ish, I’m having difficulty remembering what month it is. I’ve renamed this month Aug-tember.

Although the chicks were less than two weeks old, they were already outgrowing their box in the bathtub. Several were perching on the top edge and then jumping back into their box, and I found a couple who escaped the box and were cheeping loudly in the bathtub. I decided that it was time for them to be moved to the coop.

I moved the chicks on Friday morning. It felt bitter/sweet; my babies were growing up.

The chicks are still too small to mix with the older chickens. I am keeping them contained in the fancy coop, which is located inside The Coop. Most of the older chickens like sleeping on top of the fancy coop at night. When I put the chicks inside, they ran around and climbed the ladder to the second story, as energetic as young’uns of any species are.  I was a little concerned that the cooler nights would be too cool for the babies, but the coop is warm, and I put a bale of straw along the side at night to block any drafts. The chicks are doing just fine and they seem to be really happy with their new lodgings.

The chicks will remain contained in their new lodgings for a couple months while they grow up and slowly get acquainted with the other residents–the older chickens and cats.

Here are a few photos of our Coop. It is a peaceful place filled with happy critters.

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The late summer and early autumn have messed up our garden a bit. Our tomatoes,  peppers, and squashes aren’t ripening as quickly as in previous years, and I am a bit concerned that they are running out of the growing season. We tried planting corn this year, but they tasseled out without forming ears. Part of the problem is the weather, but part of it is probably also our sandy soil. We really wanted to have a dump truck of good soil brought in last Spring, but we didn’t have the money for it this year.

We were able to freeze some of our beans and peas, but we didn’t get enough to last through the winter months. We drove to a local Farmer’s Market on Sunday and bought a half bushel of green beans. I spent the afternoon blanching and freezing them. I’d like to go back to the Market next weekend and get more beans as well as some peas. If we can pull things together, we’d like to also get some tomatoes and try our hand at canning.

Next weekend looks as if it’s going to be busy. We have a lot to do before Sep-tober arrives.


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