Month: September 2019

Fairy Lights

Wow! It’s already the end of another week! This week has gone by very fast! The weather has gone up and down this week, as it usually does in autumn, with one day very warm t-shirt weather and the next day chilly jacket weather….

“Who’s a Good Girl?”

Fridays have evolved into our errand running day–the day when we go shopping, or pick berries at a u-pick farm, or whatever task takes us from home. We stopped first at TSC (or Tractor Supply Co., for those who aren’t familiar with the abbreviation)…

Baby Turkeys

The change of seasons is very noticeable now. The nights are getting cooler, the leaves on the trees are beginning to change color, the ferns and other plants on our property are turning brown, and the garden is dying back, although we still have…

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