The First of December

EJ left on Friday morning to hunt in the 100-acre woods on the other side of the state. Sadly, he didn’t get a deer (I actually saw more at our Enchanted Forest than he did) but he got a chance to enjoy quiet beauty in a beautiful forest and “that’s not nothin’.”

EJ left the 100-acre woods to drive home last night at about 7 pm. He had debated staying another day, but I’m glad he decided to drive home last night because a wintry mix of freezing rain, sleet, and snow was forecast for our area. Most of his drive home was clear. He just ran into some freezing rain near home. Hannah Joy was SO excited when he arrived home. She zoomed around and wouldn’t let him out of her sight.

Yesterday we had no snow on the ground, but we woke up this morning to a beautiful snow-covered world.

The church decorations on our wedding day.

It is also our 29th wedding anniversary. On our wedding day, the church was beautifully decorated for Christmas so we didn’t have to do any decorating ourselves. EJ had just started a new job and couldn’t get time off so we had a short weekend honeymoon. We drove north to Ludington, Michigan, through town after town festive with beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. It was very special–as if the whole world was celebrating our weddng day with us. We drove home on Monday morning through a blizzard because EJ had to be to work that evening. We stopped at a little restaurant halfway home and had the most delicious coffee we had ever had in our lives. I’m glad we had a snowy December wedding.

This morning EJ suggested that we could go to a restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. I said, “On a day like this? With slippery roads? I’d rather stay cozy at home!” He felt the same. Our Thanksgiving pies are eaten so I suggested that we make more because “everyone knows that the traditional gift for a 29th Anniversary is pie!” So once again, I made the pie dough for both pies, poured a jar of mincemeat filling on one while and EJ made the pumpkin pie filling for the other. It’s fun cooking together.

Mincemeat Pie

I sorted through my more than 30 cookie cutters to find one to decorate the mincemeat pie. I decided to decorate the pie with snowflakes and mittens in honor of the snowy day. At first, I couldn’t find the mitten cookie cutter and I cried, “I’ve lost my mitten! Now I shall have no pie!” But then I found it so I got pie after all. I thought the mincemeat pie looked awesome. It tasted awesome too.

EJ is now making another batch of bread. When he has that rising, we are going to bake two of the little turkey potpies I made on Friday–one of each of us. Later we hope to watch the last of The Hobbit movies.

We’ve had ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and our love has grown through it all. I can’t think of a better way to spend our 29th anniversary: cozy at home, together.


2 Comments on “The First of December

  1. Happy Anniversary and may you have many more. We send you our love and prayers.


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