Month: November 2019

Opening Day

EJ hasn’t felt well all week. He finally went to an urgent care clinic yesterday afternoon. I went with him. When I saw only a couple of cars in the parking lot, I thought that we’d be in and out quickly. Usually, I go…

Early to Bed

  EJ has been sick this week with some sort of crud. He went to work on Monday but after a few hours, his boss sent him home. Tuesday morning EJ kept an appointment to get new tires on the Suburban.  He said that…


Areas downstate are getting quite a bit of snow today–up to 7 inches, the last I heard. Along the Lake Michigan coast to the west of us, there is a Winter Storm Warning. They are getting heavy lake-effect snow–up to 10 inches of additional…

The Gales of November

Photo by David Mark at Pixabay

Our weekend has been a very quiet one because EJ isn’t feeling well. He’s coming down with something. Poor guy. Hopefully, he will feel well enough to go deer hunting next weekend. He looks forward to it every year. I’m feeling ok, but I…

Snow Storm

Winter is heeere! It’s been snowing since yesterday. It’s not technically our first snow of the season. Other areas had received more snow last week. In fact, EJ said that a small town about 15 minutes from us had received about 6 inches of…

Friday Date

Yesterday EJ and I went on a date. Actually, we go on a date every Friday. Ok, so when we were younger, dates meant going to movies, or festivals, or out to dinner. As we grew older, our weekly dates morphed into running errands….

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