Hannah Joy’s Gift

I have friends who we’ve “adopted” as family.

My friends sent Hannah Joy a Christmas gift. Because of a snafu, it arrived after Christmas instead of before, but I reassured my friend that Hannah didn’t know any better. Hannah was so excited to get her gift. As soon as she realized it was for her, she went wild:

Hannah could hardly wait as EJ got the gift out of the box for her.

Hannah played with her ball constantly for several hours. If we came too close to her, she turned her back on us so we wouldn’t take her ball. She growled whenever a cat came near.

After a couple hours, she went out to the kitchen to check the box her ball had come in, just in case there was another gift in it. She checked the box repeatedly, even sitting under the table for a while before checking again. I think she must have checked it a dozen times.

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Hannah’s chewed ball.

Sadly, we had to throw away the ball when Hannah wasn’t looking because she was chewing it up. I waited until she wasn’t looking. She is a very aggressive chewer and it’s difficult to find toys for her. But, oh, she had a wonderful time while it lasted.



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