New Year’s Eve

I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

Cuddle time.

Hannah Joy and I started our day cuddling in my chair. She likes to sleep on my lap under a blanket with only her nose sticking out. I like it because she keeps me toasty warm with her body heat!

I sipped my coffee and watched the snow fall. The last few weeks the temperature had warmed and melted almost all of our snow. However, yesterday we got several inches so our world is beautifully white again. The heavy snow stuck to the trees until a strong wind rose in the afternoon and the snow fell in avalanches from the swaying trees. A lot of people lost their power, mostly to the north of us. I feel sorry for them because it’s not fun losing power in the winter. I’m glad that we didn’t lose power because I’m not sure I would have remembered how to hook up the propane heater.

Yesterday I made a quadruple batch of turkey pot pie filling. I spent all this afternoon making small individual 5-inch pies. I got 21 made. I’ll make more tomorrow to use up the rest of the filling. I freeze them to bake later, usually when we have a busy day and/or don’t feel like cooking. Pot pie is one of my favorite meals. EJ wants us to make beef pot pies as well. I press a turkey cookie cutter into the pies so we know they are turkey pot pies. I don’t know what we will use for a beef pot pie because I don’t have any cow cookie cutters.

Because I was so busy today, EJ made a pot roast in the Instant Pot for lunch. It was very delicious. We love our Instant Pot!

Originally, EJ was supposed to work tonight and just get New Year’s Day off. EJ was a trifle bummed because he would be working at midnight when the new year arrived, and he’d be driving home in the early morning when inebriated people would be driving home from their parties. However, his boss called today to say that the employees could have both today and tomorrow off if they all worked Friday instead. Employees usually work four 10-hour days each week and working Friday is optional over-time.

Our homemade pizza

Because I thought EJ would be working, I had been planning to have a quiet evening and just go to bed at my regular time. But plans have changed and we are going to stay up to greet the new year and decade. EJ went to the store this afternoon to buy a few items so we can make a cheesecake in the Instant Pot. Not tonight. Maybe tomorrow. He also bought some potato chips for tonight, as well as some cashews, which he knows that I love. While he was gone, I finished the pot pies and then I made the dough and sauce for our traditional New Year’s Eve pizza. I always make it from “scratch.” I spent several years searching for a “just-right” pizza dough recipe, and finally found it about ten years ago, give or take a few years. It’s delicious. EJ came home at about the time the dough was finished rising and helped me assemble the pizza.

I’m exhausted, my body aches, and my feet are throbbing from standing on them all day, but I got a lot accomplished. However, I was glad to finally sit down and enjoy our pizza meal. πŸ™‚

I’ve been reminiscing that it’s already been twenty years since the Y2K scare, when people were panicking because they were afraid that if computers interpreted the β€œ00” in 2000 as 1900, it could lead to all sorts of disastrous problems, including large-scale blackouts and infrastructure damage.

Thirty years ago EJ and I met for the first time on New Year’s Eve. A young woman from our church singles’ group invited him to our church and he came that morning and then attended our New Year’s Eve party later that night. I think we started dating in April and on June 15 he asked me to marry him. I’m really glad we met and married. He’s my best friend.

I’m going to end my day the same way I began it–with Hannah Joy cuddling on my lap.

4 Comments on “New Year’s Eve

  1. Happy New Year to two of our favorite friends, we think of you often and send our love. Your pizza looks heavenly.


    • We love you both too! I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and that the year only gets better!


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