A Strange Sky

Last weekend our sky was a very strange color, a color that I’ve rarely seen. I think it’s called “blue.” And there was a fireball in the sky that made my eyes burn, tear, and squint with its intense brightness. Legend says it’s called “the sun.” It caused strange phenomena, such as powering up our solar lights which had gone dark with the weeks of twilight gloom.

EJ, Hannah Joy, and I took several walks down the driveway to the mailbox to soak in the sunlight.

Now we are back to our normal gray skies, but this morning it snowed and covered the ground in a beautiful white blanket. It melted in the early afternoon, but we are expecting 2-4 more inches tonight. The snow is nothing to be concerned about, but the thin glaze of ice will be. Ice is always more treacherous than snow.

Even on the gloomiest days, my animals make me laugh. Each afternoon the chickens gather at the garage door to wait for me. Then they follow me out to the coop where I scatter cracked corn for them. Sassy, our primary rooster, always chases away the younger rooster, Corey, so after I’ve given the chickens their corn, refilled their water bowl, and gathered eggs, I scoop up a handful of the cord and covertly take it away from the other chickens so Corey can have a treat. He watches me expectantly and follows me because he knows I will give him a special treat.

Theo, our cat always does chores with me. As soon as I walk out into the garden he leaps onto my back and rides into the coop with me. He leaps onto a shelf and waits while I care for the chickens, and then comes back into the garage with me. He faithfully accompanies me except when the weather is exceptionally bad–such as when we are having a blizzard. I sometimes wonder what he is thinking and why he feels he needs to do chores with me.

In the afternoons I have been busy crocheting little sharks for my sister-in-law, who plans to include them next Christmas in the shoeboxes of gifts she packs to send to poor children. I am making them in vivid colors, which she wanted. While I crochet, I listen to audiobooks. They occupy my mind while my hands are busy.

3 Comments on “A Strange Sky

  1. I loved the first paragraph! it must be really weird having so many days of twilight (I’m near the Sunshine Coast, so you can understand why I think that way!)
    Interesting that your cat follows you around. Our cats have always done that. They love to be part of whatever you are doing…..especially sitting in front of a computer screen while you are trying to work!

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    • I’m sitting here trying to image a land called the Sunshine Coast. It sounds like such a beautiful, magical place, filled with light and laughter.

      I’ve heard people complain about Michigan’s clouds. I believe the clouds are caused by the Great Lakes. I like clouds–they form such interesting shapes–but we usually don’t have such long periods of formless gray skies without a peep of the sun.

      We rarely have a time when an animal is not following us or sitting on our laps. Even the chickens run to greet us when we go outside. Animals are among my favorite people.

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